The henna occupies a very important place in Turkish culture. Several rituals associated with henna, It is used at least in 3 important occasions: – In the hand of the bride before the wedding. The … Continue reading

The “ointment” Traditional Turkish Drink

In Turkey there are a few drinks that are part of their culture and traditions. The raki can not miss a meal with friends or family ,or celebration special. Tea “tea” which is taken daily and … Continue reading

5 of the 10 I best hamam in Turkey

As I told you in one of the latest posts, the Turkish hamam, is a part of the turkish culture. In every town or city we will find buildings for this use. The same is true in most … Continue reading

Markets in Izmir and surroundings

If there is something that really characterizes Turkey and part of their culture are the markets “Pazarlar”. Almost in all the towns and cities there is a day for the “pazar”. Quite a popular event and the … Continue reading