Oludeniz. The Blue Lagoon

OludenizIts name means Dead Sea in Turkish but it is one of the liveliest cities in tourism in Turkey and certainly one of the most photographed places in the Mediterranean. The picture of the Blue Lagoon of Ölüdeniz never lacks in any list of the country´s tourist attractions. The whole area has been declared a natural park and construction has been banned in the vicinity of the lagoon, so you can admire its natural beauty with mountains plunging into the blue sea and forests reaching the shore. The beach is open to the public and offers one of the best bathing and relaxing options of the Turkish Mediterranean coast. The offer is completed with the possibility of paragliding, Diving, boat trips and know unforgettable nearby places as the Butterflies Valley. If any place should be recommended in Turkey, Oludeniz, must be in the list.


We can go to Ölüdeniz and stay nearby the beach or in Fethiye village, located few 9 Km long. Halfway is Hisarönü, a tourist village on the hill separating the two bays which is full of hotels in all price ranges. There are minibuses that connect the three locations and the ride is very short. Both Ölüdeniz and Hisarönü are villages with very little turkish flavor and their main attraction is providing accommodation to enjoy one of the most beautiful areas of the Mediterranean coast.

The famous Blue Lagoon beach is within the natural park, so we have to pay an entry fee that will give us full day access. The beach goes around the branch sand that almost closes the lake and we can choose our place facing the Mediterranean sea or the lagoon. There are beach umbrellas, sun beds and restaurants under the shade of the trees. We can also rent pedal boats and canoes to sail the lagoon and go out to sea. The water is incredibly clear and the place is very quiet. A beach day not to be missed.

OludenizÖlüdeniz does not end with the Blue Lagoon, an activity that is getting very popular in the las years is paragliding. There are several companies offering a tandem jump from the summit of Mount Babadag, to 2000 m. height. It is recomendable to negotiate the price including the cost of photos and video before choosing. In your hotel you can get help. The activity begins by ascending in off-road vehicle up to the launch site, that will take about 45 minutes. The flight is spectacular, once in the air they allow us to take off the helmet and enjoy flying over the Emerald Coast. Instructors who are with us are experts and take care of everything for us, the sight is unforgettable and pictures are a memory forever. The sky full of parachutes is already a part of the Ölüdeniz landscape.

Oludeniz. Butterfly Valley.For lovers of not no strong emotions , Ölüdeniz offers the to visit unique places that can only be accessed by sea. Boats departing from the beach for a fairly affordable price offer us to spend a day touring the bay including on board lunch. The star of these routes is the Butterflies Valley. A lost valley between two cliffs with a a river waterfall at the beginning of the valley and wild beach on the end facing the sea . Near the beach there are some bars offering us drinks and something to eat. The boats usually stop an hour to allow us to go to the beginning of the valley and have time to go back and take a swim in the beach. Out of the summer season, there are people camping in the valley overnight and taking the return ship the next day.

Blue Cave. OludenizThe route of these vessels also takes us to beautiful places among which we must highlight the blue cave, the cold water bay and island Saint Nicklaus island . It is a similar trip to the well-known Fethiye 12 islands around the neighboring bay, alternating boat trips with stops where we can enjoy swimming or visiting a small island. At some stops we are offered jet sky rides or similar attractions, prices should be agreed before making a choice. Do not forget to bring cash to pay for the drinks on board which are not included in the price.

Finally, we should remind that Ölüdeniz is the beginning of the Lycian route, a spectacular trekking route that is becoming better known to enthusiasts worldwide. It runs through the Taurus Mountains to Antalya and offers a unique view of most of the Turquoise coast.

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  1. That awful site and blog! I find myself doing my erasmus in your city and I would like to know if there is any bus from Izmir to go to this and see this great regards and congratulations on the piece of blog

    • Thanks for your comments. There are many buses to Fethiye from Izmir. I've always gone by car but I have recommended you to go to Pamukkale Turizm office and buy a ticket there. Costs a 50 TL and take you to the bus station which is a bit away from the center. I seem to have seen the office Bulervar Gazi, near the square 9 September, that having a source with a very large ball in front of the entrance to the fair in Izmir Kulturpark. Enjoy.

  2. Congratulations on the blog, I loved! I travel to Turkey and it makes me really want to know the places you datellas. I consulted on the subject of time, I will be traveling to end of the year and I'm afraid the weather from doing some tours, especially the balloon. In the winter you know if these attractions are still operating? Regards!

    • Thanks for your comments. Winter is hard on the interior of Turkey, that includes Cappadocia. Some balloon companies stop operating during the colder months but others continue to work. Of course, have more opportunities as time permits not fly but the sight of these snowy land worth. Do not forget warm clothes and enjoy.

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  4. I will travel to Turkey in January… On the beaches of Oludeniz or other, you can swim or water is very cold…

    • Winter in Turkey is not a good time to bathe. Although the temperature on the coast is milder than inland, You have to plan other activities. Regards

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