Boat trips in Turkey

One of the biggest attractions of Turkey is its coastline and its amazing terrain, makes it a great attraction for boaters. An ideal place for a cruise, either schooner, cuaquier sailboat or boat type.

Turkish Mediterranean Coast

Turkey is not only Istanbul, Cappadocia, Smyrna or In mukale. The truth is that the country is full of surprises and unknown places.

When I came to Turkey, I was intrigued by the color of the sea, its quietness and in general all the Turkish coast. Contrasts, colors and landscapes, unique in the world, make it a special place to browse. Therefore there is a great offer boat rentals and organized tours and excursions, almost daily.

Gulet cruise

If you have the opportunity to travel to Turkey, I recommend doing a tour of the coast. Undoubtedly, the asombrará.

The offer is varied. Virtually any coastal point one can rent a boat, whether to organize a day of fishing, one day trip visiting the area or just to enjoy the sun, good bathroom and a wonderful barbecue meat or fish in the area.

Rented boat in Kekova

I I can not recommend a particular area, because they are all different and equally amazing. Each with its special charm.

In any area of ​​coastline you will be offered some kind of tour. Whether the Sea of ​​Marmara, Mediterranean Sea, Aegean Sea, Mar Negro and even in any of the great lakes in the country.

If we move on our own and we decided to move into the turkey lesser known, and do a tour of its coastline, we will be delighted. In small coastal towns find fishing boats, which are rented by the owner to spend a day at sea, either fishing or just enjoying the sun and water. Of course, sailor and food included. Prices vary, by type of boat. Essential, dribble, always try to improve the price. Compared with European prices, really worth.

Dining sailboat rentals, Goleta, boats and other vessels is varied. From boats to luxury boats very simple and rustic. They usually rent the pattern included.

Mediterranean Coast

Mediterranean Coast











The offer is much more varied in the tourist areas of the country.The tourism is both foreign and domestic. Key Cities for such activities: Marmaris, Fethiye, Oludeniz, Kas, Çesme, Kusadasi, Bodrum, Antalya, Alanya, Ayvalik, Istanbul, etc.. Also many nearby villages to cities mentioned above.

The are many possibilities :

From organizing a gulet cruise of 1 week or more all inclusive, namely, Captain, food and drink and of course the cook. Route choices or simply choose one of the agencies that we provide, that are totally recommended. Not only can rent agency, also the owner. Prices can be very interesting, on a schooner for 10/12 People can leave us a week between 450/700 euros per person. Always depend on the type of boat luxury and we are looking. Experience, wonderful.

Mediterranean Coast

Rent the Schooner for 1 day or 2, always all inclusive.

Renting a sailboat per day.

Renting a boat to make short excursions privately. We made a couple of years we rented a boat in Selimiye for 10 people. The spectacular area, the unforgettable trip. We left the port at 10 in the morning and came back around 18:30 tarde.Paramos of where we wanted to give us a dip, buceamos, jumped from the boat to the water until exhausted and enjoyed the amazing scenery. Food and drink included. We paid 500 Tl throughout, that is 50TL per person (20/25 euros). See that great!!!:

Mar Mediterranean / Aegean

Mar Mediterranean / Aegean





Rent a boat for a large group or make a day trip in one of the many boats that offer a route around with a stop for swimming, even some curious visit. They usually have included food and drink and the price is about 20/25 Tl per person ( about. 10 euros). You're with people you do not know, but sometimes this becomes a great incentive. Our experience has always been good.

Aegean Sea

Aegean Sea

Around Çesme

Some boats have slides. Kids love them

Some boats have slides. Kids love them









As you see, a different way to enjoy this wonderful country. One way to enjoy family, with friends or to meet people.

I will especially recommend:

Any route through the Dalyan River, Under the impressive Lycian tombs.

Spectacular Lycian tombs

Spectacular Lycian tombs









Any route from Marmaris, the rugged coastline makes it spectacular.







Any route from Fethiye or Oludeniz.



Any route from Kas, I loved the tour Kekova.

Mediterranean Sea



Any route from Ayvalik and CundaAyvalik


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