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PepoAna LopezWe are Pepo and Ana, two Spanish, who for different reasons, three years and a half ago, we came to Turkey with our families. The truth, we had no idea where we were, came with some preconceptions, and the desire to make the time pass faster to return to Spain as soon as possible.

It only took a few hours to realize how wrong we were. Immediately we were fascinated by the country and our love on travel and photography made us to start a friendship. Since then we have shared many experiences, Travel and anecdotes.

We decided to create this blog to publicize this wonderful country, still unknown to many people. We will write about trips we have done, routes, Tips, recipes, culture, anecdotes, shopping, festivities and many other curiosities that we hope will encourage you to visit.

We are always happy to answer your comments, and all suggestions.

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Wink at Turkey — 48 Comments

  1. Hello My name is Blanca Bolanos, I am from Mexico and I live in Turkey (Yeni Foca) since December,last,I am delighted with this country and as well tell you I, you're wrong when you do not know, Thanks for this blog, hope to keep in touch!! :=)


  3. At last I see your blog! Thank you for all this valuable information!, especially for very nearly just arrived and that we can benefit from your advice I sabiso.

  4. I'm watching it in Spanish for the world,said he had a blog and curious to see your blog brought me here. congratulate,for showing me something more about this country that both catches my attention!!!
    A greeting from a Galician who lives in Switzerland!!!!

  5. these momenetos I'm watching TVE, Spanish around the World, y os veo, thanks for the experience, from El Bierzo 30 degrees temperature.

  6. Hello,soy sinem,., living in Murcia done doctorado.acaba to see the program in uno.y love!!thanks for all good comments on Izmir!

  7. Hi guys, Last night I also saw the program and remain as fascinated today I've decided to go through your blog. It is a wonderful blog, comprehensive. certainly offer for those willing to visit Turkey sometime in their life.
    Thank you for taking your time to inform other.

    A greeting to the two.

  8. Hello, Spanish also saw in the world, I am married to Spanish and Argentina ago 7 years I lived in Turkey for work, online in Antalya 1 year.. An unforgettable experience, an impressive culture that surprised me.. worth knowing and I agree with you that when you get, METI thought donde me.. Then with the passing of the days I was delighted the country, people, Music, the food and all the culture that I miss so much hope to return one day to visit at least..
    Much love from Argentina

    • It truly is a country that is reached with very distorted ideas about their reality, people, history, etc.. Almost everyone I know did the same, even some tourists are not able to get rid of that perception, even after visiting Turkey. I was very glad to read your comment, must try to come back and continue learning exciting places, hope that our blog will serve as support for this. A big hug.

  9. Hello Jose, I am another lover of Turkey, that I have known through Spaniards in the World. I am passionate about reading travel and travel in general, and especially on Turkey. I was once in the Black Sea, only 2 days, in Maçka, about Trabzon, but this time it was a sad occasion: my little brother was returning home on the Yak-42. I hope to return to Turkey when you can, I have wanted, my wife wants from your blog and we know something more of this beautiful country. A hug. oceano4. Jesus.

    • Hello Jesus, thank you very much for your comment. We started this blog to share our experiences living in Turkey but in time it is also serving to come into contact with many people who love the country. I am sorry you've walked the beautiful area in which it is so painful for Macka reason. I also knew many of them and when I was there, memories and so respectful manner in which the Turks have dealt, touched me. Themselves surprised by from blog, you'll see that we've written a few entries on the Black Sea. Dare to go back there and enjoy a completely different area of ​​the best known and Turkey with some amazing landscapes. A hug.

  10. Hello, I am a teacher and now 9 November I'm going to Izmir with some students, through a Comenius project. Looking for information on Youtube I saw the world in Spanish, so I came to your blog. I love it.
    ¿Me podriais recommend to do in Izmir 2 days?. Then we will Aliaga.
    A hug and delighted haberos known.

    • Hello, Thanks for your comments on the blog.
      Izmir is a very big city, has four million inhabitants, but at the same time is very comfortable to visit because the historical and commercial center it has dimensions that allow cross it comfortably. In the blog we have published some articles for Izmir in category “Izmir Area”, maybe you could start there. You can also take a look at our map to locate the sites. Anyway, as we still have much to write about Izmir, this is a list of recommendations for the short time you have.
      – Now: are the ruins of the ancient city. Small and fast to visit, lead us to the origins of Smyrna and its appearance in the New Testament as one of the Seven Churches of Revelation.
      – Kemeraltı bazaar: Izmir huge bazaar is a great place to do some shopping and also to begin to understand the way of life of Turkish. Highly recommend you take a Kizlaragasi in Han, The old inn and caravan stop was the origin of the bazaar.
      – Asansor: no you can not miss the sunset over the bay seen from Asansor, in the Jewish Quarter of the city
      – Plaza of Konak: One of the icons of Izmir
      – Archaeological Museum of Izmir: If history is one of the objectives of your trip, here's a definite place.
      – Kordon: Izmir seafront. From Konak Square to the port you can see the city dwellers relax, relate to and enjoy this space in the heart of Izmir.
      – Cyprus Sehitleri: The central pedestrian street offers us take a “bolloz” first thing in the morning or go drinking at night. All day is one of the hearts of the commercial life of the city.
      – San Policarpo: Beautiful church with amazing fresh. You have to make an appointment to visit group, ask your travel agent or your hotel to do so in advance.
      – Culture Park: huge park in the city center
      – Konak Pier: ancient Izmir Free Zone, built by Eiffel and today the mall.
      If you have interest in something specific, the dudes in wonder.

  11. Thank you, the truth is that I're being very helpful. Turkish teachers will be with us but wanted a vision of some Spanish and also to prepare our students for visits. It is not the same as what you teach, when you who prepared the journey, see things differently….
    I keep reading, It is very interesting,
    A hug,

  12. Congratulations Ana and Pepo.
    Newcomer to the whooping crane flying in for a few years, Tan isterse.
    Reminiscent of XXXII AGA. Compi de Paski.
    At your disposal.

    • Thanks for your kind comentarios.Pues I have not been in Bursa but only heard positive recommendations. Ana can not remember if there has been. Anyway, before this summer they will go about my friends and I can tell.

  13. Thanks a million but we leave in April, If you decide to go to Bursa, and I'll tell.
    What reckon there are some guide I spoke Spanish you can join us on a visit to the city? Two nieces and I as the target on a tour not leave me big bazaar.

    • If you tell me the dates of your trip, I ask my daughter who lives in Istanbul and I recommend a guide in Spanish. There are usually no problems. Tell your niece to take a look at the blog to fit them want to leave the bazaar…

      • You're a real charm responding so quickly, let the 12 to the 15 April, the 12 I thought we were early and put them in the bazaar, I hope you go to closing, the buyer is uncontrolled passion, I have been several times in Istanbul, a city that I love so I'm taking. The 13 wanted them to do a tour of the city with private guide, that tour very safe in people who mislead in the first stall…el14 Bursa, I do not know and 15 Bosphoro tour and return to Spain
        Right now I invite you to blog. Thanks

    • I've been to Bursa, It is a beautiful area, unbeatable landscape. A natural park with many possibilities. The city is worth it and there are many charming villages and is a very popular area among the Turks by the many natural hot springs. Wanted information I have and I tell you something more.

      • Thanks Lopemontesana, but a friend told me that being a 3 best days I stay in Istanbul, anyway thank you for your response and your interest.

  14. Hello. I have seen the program on TV “Spaniards around the world” and I have known of this blog through the interview that have made Pepo. Thanks for your blog that have made us rediscover some very good and fond memories. Regards. Paula.

  15. Hello! I am Mangeles Almeria. I met Turkey last month for a week in a circuit. And I'm surprised that was enough to fall in love with this country. I came really delighted and hope I can return. I was actually thinking about what I can do to learn Turkish? Suggestions are welcome…the. It has made me very excited to find your blog, I have discovered through the program of Spanish in the world. Regards!

    • Hello, thank you very much for your comments, We glad you like our blog and we will keep trying to upload content that interest you. In Istanbul I know a person who could teach in Spain, Only in Las Palmas. Maybe some of our friends can help.

  16. Hello, I loved the blog, I came to it by chance looking Spaniards around the World !! …, It has helped me a lot to prepare a trip to Istanbul, even get an idea of ​​what we will see is wonderful. I would like to know what the issue of security especially in Istanbul. I recommend the blog, This super interesting and very well worked, greetings and thank you very much.

    • Thank you very much for your comments. We are glad that you find useful blog. The situation in Istanbul right now is pretty quiet. Occasionally there is some manifestation but the problems you may encounter are well away from neighborhoods where tourists often visit. Speaking of Turkey you should not go to the east, especially in the southwestern part of the country. In any case pay attention to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where they always have updated information on the areas that tourists should avoid

  17. Hello everyone, just returned from Istanbul, if anyone worry about safety as we are before you go, tell you that the city is very safe, Turks are incredibly friendly and hospitable, the city is beautiful, we are left wanting more, safe return to Turkey. Thanks for the blog as we brought a lot to the trip, one greetings. Delilah.

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