Baked Chicken Thighs with yogurt and spices ” Spicy chicken in the oven”

Chicken is one of the most consumed meat in Turkey and cooked in many different ways. Always tasty with very different flavors to which we are accustomed. It is taken in infinite ways, in pinchitos, The wrap, in … Continue reading

Markets in Izmir and surroundings

If there is something that really characterizes Turkey and part of their culture are the markets “Pazarlar”. Almost in all the towns and cities there is a day for the “pazar”. Quite a popular event and the … Continue reading

23 April “Children's Day” and early macunu mesir festival “International Festival paste mesa”

    Remind you that today 23 April is a national holiday in Turkey, the establishment of the Turkish Parliament commemorates (1920) and it is a day dedicated to children, because Atatürk (father of the Turkish Republic) … Continue reading

Turkish Coffee “Turkish coffee”

  If you visit Turkey and order a Turkish coffee, in if you ocurra removerlo!! It was what I did the first time and I was awful and I started to drink up all the dregs, because what characterizes this … Continue reading

Tomato Meatballs “Tomato loaf”

The köfte is one of the most popular foods in Turkey, balls are usually made with minced meat and spices. Sometimes the meat is mixed with rice or bulgur, vegetables with the CEBOLLAS. Sometimes it replaces the … Continue reading

Stuffed cabbage “Stuffed cabbage rolls”

Cabbage is a vegetable with multiple properties and is recommended by all the experts in nutrition as part of our diet. Cabbage also serves to make a wonderful bowel cleansing and noted for its beneficial properties reducing. Properties … Continue reading