Markets in Izmir and surroundings

If there is something that really characterizes Turkey and part of their culture are markets “Pazarlar”. Almost in all the towns and cities there is a day for the “pazar”. A popular event and for local people, a social act.

Vegetables and fruits

Vegetables and fruits

All kinds of people come to them, men, women, families, grandpas and some tourists.

They are the perfect place to know a little bit more about Turkish culture. A burst of colour, an extraordinary mixture of scents and a cheerful bustle.

Here you can find very different things, Some of them are focus primarily on selling fruits, vegetables, nuts and fresh products. But most of them sell all kind of products, apart from this, clothing, footwear, kilims, fabrics, spices, perfumes and course, fakes.

I recommend you take a walk through any of them, Even if you don't want to buy anythinng, because they are unique places with a special atmosphere.

The quality of the fruit and vegetables is extremely good. The first time I tried here tomatoes, I realized that they were, surely, the best I had ever tried. I have to say that fruits and vegetables in Turkey are delicious.

I use to go shopping to the pazar. At first only nuts and some spice, then fruits and vegetables, and nowadays the eggs, cheeses and fish.

Artichokes are delicious

Artichokes are delicious

Even perfumes and some clothing fakes, the quality is great. But I recommend you to , have a look before to buy, because there are different qualities.

Prices, the best. In the fruit and vegetables you should not haggle , but always do it with clothes, fabrics, towels, slippers,…

The posts are always the same, so if we need to exchange some products we can do it easily.

Alaçatı market

Alaçatı market

Almost daily In the city of Izmir are held in different parts of the city, and it's the same in the surroundings.

The most well-known and popular, are: Alaçatı market, Bostanli Pazari, Tire market, Hatay market and Narlidere market. But the rest of them are very interesting and popular too.

Here I give you the list of markets in the city and the days of holding .


• Saturday: Merkez Pazarı
•Wednesday: Bornova, Çamkıran, Çamdibi and Işıkkent Markets
•Friday: Ataturk Pazarı
• Saturday: Özkanlar Pazarı
• Sunday: Bornova, Altındağ and Pinarbasi Pazarları
• Sunday: Buca, Şirinyer, Kuruçeşme, Gediz, Ufuk and Fırat2 Pazarları
• Saturday: Barış Pazarı
•Wednesday: Şirinyer, Betontaş, K.Ufuk, K.Buca and Fırat1 Pazarları
• Saturday: Çigli Merkez, Evka-2 y Egekent Pazarları
• Saturday: Dokuz Eylul Pazarı
• Sunday: Sevgi Mahallesi Pazarı
•Wednesday: Gaziemir Pazarı
•Friday: Aktepe Mahallesi pazarı
•Wednesday: Bostanlı, Alpaslan and Erenler pazarları
•Friday: Nergiz and Refik Şevket Ince pazarları
• Saturday: Şemikler, Gümüşpala, Elit, and Bayraklı Pazarları
• Sunday: Alaybey,Yamanlar, Cumhurriyet, Örnekköy, Balatçık,Nafiz Gürman and Bayraklı Çay Mahalle Pazarları
• Sunday: Eşrefpaşa,Güzelyalı, Çimentepe, Yenişehir and Alsancak Pazarları
• Saturday: Karabağlar, Yeşilyurt, Millet mahallesi, Levent and Yurtoğlu Pazarları
•Friday: Esendere, Eski İzmir, Toros, Gürceşme, Bozyaka, Kahramanlar and Gunaltay Pazarları
•Jueves: Hatay Pazarı
•Wednesday: Gültepe, Kooperatif evleri and Limontepe Pazarları, (Güzelyalı – F.Altay not established until the end of the construction of Metro Station)
•Wednesday: Narlıdere Pazarı
• Sunday: Narlıdere Pazarı
•Martes: Tire Pazarı
• Saturday: Alaçatı pazarı
Colorful Alaçati pazarı

Colorful Alaçati pazarı

I never had a problem in the markets, but the people recommend you to have a look to your wallet or purse, Just in case a pickpocket around.

In the markets there are some posts where you can have a drink or a snack.

There is always a place to have a rest

There is always a place to have a rest

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