Pierre Loti. The viewpoint of the Golden Horn.

Pierre LotiIf you've ever wondered why so called the Golden Horn, You should get close to Pierre Loti when sunset to see how the afternoon light gives a golden glow to the waters of the estuary. The best place to contemplate the hill is named after the French writer in recognition of his affection for the city. The visit to the mosque and tomb Eyup Sultan perfectly complements the climb to Pierre Loti and together constitute a highly recommended tour.

Pierre LotiPierre Loti was a French impressionist writer who lived from 1850 to 1923. His travels as an officer in the French Navy gave him the opportunity to visit many places but Istanbul was the city's footprint left in him. In addition to several books in which he disclosed the Ottoman life mode, did not hesitate to express his criticism of the policies of the European countries with Turkey, country that supported the Liberation War after World War. The Grand National Assembly thanked all in a letter 1924 and Estambulle city named a street writer, besides giving its name to the hill with the best views of the Golden Horn.

Pierre LotiFrom Mosque Eyup You can climb the hill following the signs that lead to a street behind the tomb, the alternative is to use the cable car is located in the same place. Of course, They can also climb taxi. The hill is a huge cemetery full of graves without any apparent order. One can not help wondering how do to get to the graves of their relatives without going over the other.

At the top there are several cafés where you can sit and enjoy the stunning views of the Golden Horn. The hill is located almost at the end of the river that bisects the European side of the city from up there you can see, to our right, the old part of Istanbul with the walls of Constantinople in foreground, imperial mosques behind, the bridges across the Golden Horn in front of us and finally, to our left, the modern part of the city beginning on the north shore. It also manages to see the entrance to the Bosphorus from the Marmara Sea and the Asian side of Istanbul in the background.

Pierre LotiSome of the cafes you can eat something though prices are not cheap, so usually only Turkish tea or a soft drink. The streets behind the cafes are full of stalls where souvenirs. While you certainly, the preferred activity who is sitting up there chatting while enjoying the scenery with a tea. It is a very quiet place, where couples and groups of friends enjoy long conversations and we provide a relaxing moment in the hustle of every trip to Istanbul.

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