Boat trips in Turkey

One of the biggest attractions of Turkey is its coastline and its amazing terrain, makes it a great attraction for boaters. An ideal place for a cruise, either schooner, sailboat or … Continue reading

5 to the top 10 hamam in Turkey. II

As I commented in the previous post of the hamam, This list is a series of very popular historical hamam in Turkey, are not luxury, and surely the most beautiful. But, possibly, the most authentic. Scattered all … Continue reading

5 of the 10 I best hamam in Turkey

As I told you in one of the latest posts, the Turkish hamam, is a part of the turkish culture. In every town or city we will find buildings for this use. The same is true in most … Continue reading

23 April “Children's Day” and early macunu mesir festival “International Festival paste mesa”

    Remind you that today 23 April is a national holiday in Turkey, the establishment of the Turkish Parliament commemorates (1920) and it is a day dedicated to children, because Atatürk (father of the Turkish Republic) … Continue reading

Turkish pop music

  Until we got here we had never heard any Turkish music. The truth is that it was during the first days after our landing in Izmir when we heard this music for the first time, in different places as … Continue reading

The Alem, “the symbol of the crescent crown mosques”

If you have seen any mosque will have noticed that in all, on top of its large domes and minarets appears a symbol that crown , its name in Turkish”Alem”. A throughout the world … Continue reading