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Until we got here we had never heard any Turkish music. The truth is that it was during the first days after our landing in Izmir when we heard this music for the first time, in different places such as bars, supermarkets to shopping malls. The truth is that it was like a background noise that did not pay much attention. Gradually we got to settle down and start a normal life. Every day my daughters sat in the car and as it did before when I lived in Madrid, turned on the radio and searched for a station to listen to music. Oh my God, I never thought it was so hard to find something I liked! Following ignore all news stations, religion, or just lectures or debates from which he could not understand a word, emitting found a British pop music and country. So it was chosen over a long season for listeners in our city car. I still remember my daughters complaining about having to hear. -Mum removes this horror-, -go roll, put this cd-,… But it turned out that in a few days he had already begun to hum a song and we also began to like listening to this music.


If you like learning about other cultures and hearing different types of music, you should hear some of the hits and popular songs of the country.The list pop singers is endless, but there are a few that never fail, always at the head of all the country charts. Most of them have achieved a very good combination of styles Oriental and Western music.

Not only extremely conscious aesthetic, but their work and scenery are of a high quality.

You have heard talk about? Tarkan?, possibly the best known in the country and internationally, also known as the “Prince of Turkish pop”

Kenan Dogulu: Well known throughout the country for their participation in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007, where he was in 4th place with his song ” Shake it up sekerim”

Teoman: Pop rock singer, appreciated and lyrics of their songs always have something to say, particularly critical of society.

Sertab Erener: Is a superstar in the country and is becoming known for his involvement in other in duets with renowned artists such as Ricky Martin.

Gülsen: Always extremely sexy.

Town adja: Superquerida across the country and with a long career behind him.

Demet Alkaline: Former- Model and actress, but now famous as a singer.


Currently in all lists success:

Mehmet Erdem: Does the pain of love

Emre Aydin: Alack

Hande Yener: There is one

IremDerici: What darling difficult

They: Of state

Orthe: I got wings in my soul

Gokhan Turkmen: CATI between

Funda Arar and Enbe: Hafiza

Gökhan Özen: Ne farkeder







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