5 to the top 10 hamam in Turkey. II


As I commented in the previous post of the hamam, This list is a series of very popular historical hamam in Turkey, are not luxury, and surely the most beautiful. But, possibly, the most authentic.

Scattered throughout the towns and cities, can be converted to another incentive for the traveler.

Feel free to visit any of them, will be an unforgettable experience.


This historic Bath located in Istanbul date of siglo XVI (reign of Sultan Bayezid II).Sofular hamami

Known for its elegant pool with a fountain.

Not a tourist place is a hamam that works daily serving local people. If you really want to get close to the Turkish culture and customs, here you will be with people who regularly come to this Turkish bath and not only among tourists.


25Tl by using the hamam

10Tl el Committee (un peeling completo).

10Tl massage

3Tl for products

Street address: Iskender Pasa Mh., 34091 Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey

Phone:+90 212 521 7050
Schedules: Men:06:00-23:00, women: 08:30-20:00.


Located in Edirne is one of the largest in the country Turkish baths. It was built in the sixteenth century by the famous architect Sinan.

Sometimes known as “Three Şerefeli Bath”, because it is next to the mosque of the same name.

Men and women separately.SOKULLU-HAMAMI

Ticket Price: 30Tl

Hours: 8:30-23:00 Men. Of 9:00 to 17:00 Women.

Street address: Çavuşbey Neighborhood Centers in Edirne

Phone: 0284 225 21 93

ÜSKÜDAR with tiled bath:

Located in Istanbul, in the district of Üsküdar. Built by the wife of Sultan Ahmet I, while he was building the Mosque Çinili (Tiled Mosque).

In the center is a fountain camekan with live fish.

Apparently the hamam was precious tiles, but have been being stolen by thieves.

Built 1640.

Uskudar çinilli hamam

Street address: Murat Reis Mahallesi, Çavuşdere Caddesi No. 204, Uskudar / İstanbul

Phone (Men): 0 216 553 15 93

Phone (Women): 0 216 334 97 10


Istanbul http://www.theguideistanbul.com/spots/view/798/cinili-hamam/#ixzz3C12cdaX8



Trabzon eight-masted BATH:

In Trabzon

Built by the Seljuks in the eleventh century (1072-1075). The name comes from the 8 columns having inside.

Just one day a week allows its use for women.

eight pole baths

Street address
c/ 8 Mast Bath Street 1
sauna & massage 25
Men 8 am-11pm Fri-Wednesday, Women 8 am-5pm on Thursdays
Phone:+90 462 322 1012/ 462 322 1032

It can also accommodate up to Thursday.

Read more: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/turkey/the-black-sea-and-northeastern-anatolia/trabzon/activities/health-wellness/sekiz-direkli-hamami#ixzz3CrJtZyrv


Located in the city of Sivas, next to the mosque Church Square in the city center. Built in 1564.

Only for Men.

Open every day at 5 Morning.

Sivas historic square bath

Street address: Çarşıbaşı Mh., 58050 Sivas, Turkey
Phone:+90 346 221 4418
Hours: 5:00-24:00


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