Transportation in Turkey

transportation mapTurkey is a large country. The distances between cities can condition our travel plans, especially if we are planning to meet different cities or locations. The distance between Istanbul and Antalya is 724 kilometers, Hamburg similar to Munich and that of Edinburgh London. We also need to use transportation when visiting a city and want to move between different points of interest or places to go around. Fortunately, Turkey has a developed transport infrastructure that allows us to get everywhere serving our budget, time available, etc..

Turkish trafficBefore talking about the public transport, few words about the car rental. Most international agencies provide us book a car in Turkey and pick it up at the airport or agency. It is the option that will give us more independence to move and can be a good idea to combine the rental car with the plane, Train, etc., but there are two drawbacks, the world's most expensive fuel and traffic in cities. On the other hand, modernization of the road network currently offers pathways in very good condition. Not forget lead caution.

Transporte Turkish AirlinesTurks Internal flights are cheaper than elsewhere and are a good choice if you do not have much time. From Istanbul Cappadocia there are 800 Km y 10 hour drive, if we go to Trabzon for the unforgettable tea fields of the Pontic Alps ahead over 1.000 miles of road. The best-known for internal flights airlines are Turkish Airlines, Pegasus, Sun express and Anadolujet. We can check schedules and fares online, in addition to buying tickets in advance.

transportation Bus 1The bus is one of the means of transport in Turkey praised by most people who try. It is usually of better quality than in the country of origin of any tourist. During the trip offer food and drink, We can watch movies and have wifi. The tickets are fairly cheap and of course, no weight limit for luggage. There is no way to get online reservations in English but wondering at our hotel we indicate how to get our tickets and transportation to otogar, the bus station. With a couple of days notice will be enough.

Transporte TCDDThe train has greatly improved in recent years. There is a high speed train between Istanbul and Ankara, we can also carry the beautiful traditional Konya and Eskisehir. Turkish Railways have completely renovated their units with modern cars and are comfortable, silent and additional services such as cafeteria, the dining car bed. It has also modernized suburban network. The website TCDD is not much help if you do not speak Turkish, We will need the help of an agency or our hotel.

Metrobus transport


For transport in the city, have all the alternatives and cheaply. In every city there are buses and there are several metro-buses are a good option because circulating lanes separated from other traffic and not affected by traffic jams. In Istanbul and Ankara no subway, also find trams in Antalya, Eskisehir o Istanbul. In many Turkish cities have an efficient system of ferries to cross rivers and bays. Transport is cheap and can ask our hotel transport cards, such as Istanbulkart, is in many big cities.

Taksi TransportI can not end without mentioning taxis. They are much cheaper than in other countries, so they are worth to note. We must never accept a fixed price in advance is legal because the meter, besides cheap. A caution to avoid misunderstandings is to ensure that the meter is running. If it is not, remind the driver to have to put it into operation.

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