The “ointment” Traditional Turkish Drink

In Turkey there are a few drinks that are part of their culture and traditions. The north You can not miss a meal with friends or family ,or celebration special. The the “tea” which is taken daily and offer you even on the street and shops. The café turkish, with its aromatic flavor .And ointment, you can not miss on cold winter days.

Walking through the Kemeraltı in a rather cold day, I noticed that a small local people taking out a steaming drink and cream, and ointmenttheir faces, I figured I had to be very good. So I immediately asked her what they drank, It was the first time I heard this name, ointment.

Of course, I ordered one immediately. The special flavor and very nice, sweet, but not too. Very comforting in the cold days. The taste reminds a little of our meringue.

The truth is that you can not try to guess what their ingredients.

Its main ingredient is an aromatic flour from a Wild Orchid. Orchids used are ones that grow in forests and mountains of calcareous soil, especially abundant in Kahramanmaras, Adiyaman, Bitlis and the Black Sea.

Around the main tuber each plant are born other small to be found to make flour. Washed and put in boiling water or milk to remove the bitterness. Dried outdoors or in an oven and then ground.

ointmentIt is also used to prepare the traditional Turkish ice cream, a unique texture and a very peculiar taste.

Preparation: Flour is mixed with sugar salep, warm milk and served with salepçisome cinnamon sprinkled over.

I think it's a unique drink, you can only try here in Turkey.

It is not found everywhere and although you can take hot or cold, the fact is that winter is usually prepared and served hot.

Often starch extracted from the tubers is replaced by substitutes. So many salep to see, will not be the original, although the taste is very similar.


Some of the most typical to take salep places are famous pastry shops or cafés neighborhood Beyoglu and banks of Bosphorus.

You can also order from The Egyptian Bazaar or spice shops and prepare at home.

Even easier, in supermarkets sell a few envelopes prepared salep, ready to do it quickly. The envelope is mixed with hot milk, sprinkle with cinnamon and you're.

preparado ointmentpreparado de ointment


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