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One can not visit the city of Izmir and not a walk in the "Kemeraltı", a historical Turkish market, most outdoor. The best place to buy souvenirs to take away or to find all types of traditional Turkish, crafts, Hats, Carpet, skins, etc.. After the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, the largest in Turkey.

Callejear, lost for hours browsing in the many shops we found, It is a unique opportunity to enjoy the real turkey.

Tienda del Kapali

The birth of the historic bazaar dating from the sixteenth century, but in the seventeenth century when it began to be used by the Ottomans as a major trading center, Import and Export. One of the most significant buildings of Ottoman architecture is the inn Girlsjası Hanı, an ancient caravanserai (You inns located along the Silk Road), which acts as a hub Marketplace. The building was restored and became as we see today in the year 1993. Also known as "Kapalı Çarşı", is the perfect place to sit and relax while we taste tea or Turkish coffee and enjoyed the special charm of the place. The inn has two plants, Downstairs full of life and bustle, about all kinds of shops, Pendants, craft shops, of musical instruments, household linen, clothes, natural soaps, antiques,….The upper floor, much quieter, but very curious, is full of antique, jewelers, Musical instrument workshops, etc..

Plaza central of Kizlagarasi Ha

The Kemeraltı is located in Konak and thence extends down the street Anafartalar. South of the busy Fevzi Pasa Boulevard, connecting with Basmane Konak Square (Square), Oceanfront. In the same street Anafartalar find inn Abaciojread eighteenth century, today there are many shops that offer Turkish delight in him and always a place to sit or rest and drink.

Small place that serves tea, coffee and some food

Another of the most important streets is the street Havra. A clear example of market Anatole, freshest fruits and vegetables, meat and fish. The name of the street comes from synagogue (havra), as it hosts 9 Synagogues, 4 of them active.

Houses in the Kemeralti

One of my favorite pastimes is to go to Izmir early morning to Kemeraltı and walk aimlessly, into and out of the various shops that catch my eye. Always something new, Always something interesting, every day a new journey. The people are very nice, always willing to help, without haste and eager to talk. In any one can store, while casting an eye to different objects, enjoy tea, lemonade, juice or coffee that will offer the same dependent.

I can not you talk about particular stores, interesting because it really is like stepping into the small and narrow streets that form, its color, the smell of spices and coffee, make it a unique place to find virtually all, crafts, nuts, lamps, musical instruments, gems and jewelry, minerals, linen, Hats, fabrics, confectionery, antiques, clothing, shoes, skins, Bags, fakes, bronze, and a host of varied offers. Prices are still cheaper than in any European city.

Inside the bazaar some important mosques as Hisar was also found (1592), Salepcioglu (XX century), Sardivan (XVII century) y la del Kemeraltı (XVII century).

A place where all kinds of craftsmanship still makes, smiths, jewelry boxes, modistas, people working leather, crystal, relojeros, etc are everywhere. Anything you please instruct or repair, do not hesitate, this is it.Store bags and leather masks


Closed on Sundays.

Weekends can get crowded, I prefer to avoid them. Still always a pleasant journey.

It is a very safe place, he never seen shoplifters ni robos of any kind. One can walk without fear.

Be aware, During the days of Bayram (Turkish party), will be closed. There 2 bayram important year, dates vary, but are usually between September and November.

Pay cash and TL.

Always haggle, sure we got the price reduction. Once you give us the final price must ask new discount for paying cash.

What to Eat:

Surely between us appetite after several hours walking, so it's a good time to try one of the Turkish fast food, the market is full of small shops and restaurants we can try:

Status: Kind of wrap of lamb (lamb) Pollo (chicken) with vegetables, is sabrosísimo.

Gözleme: Species mass of fine crepe usually made women hand and then roasted a little and filled with spinach and cheese or meat and cheese, generally.

Validate: Patata asada rellena.

Iskender: Lamb finely sliced ​​and topped with tomato sauce and butter on a bread base calls.

Dove: Sandwiches with bread coated with sesame and usually stuffed with cheese, tomato and pepper.

Buttermilk: The Turkish favorite drink, take it every day. A kind of salty yogurt drink.

Getting there:

Bus: Anyone arriving at Konak.

Dolmus: Small buses, many of them bound for konaks. Once we ensure that there are, just raise your hand and stop to pick.

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