Gözleme, Turkish crepes

One of the most popular dishes of traditional Turkish cuisine are gözleme, tasty crepes that can be enjoyed almost everywhere. Among the most traditional recipes is the spinach and cheese but today we find all kinds of fillings. If we are in a bazaar and we want a quick snack, tasty and authentically Turkish, we have only to find the nearest gözleme place, take a seat and choose one. Usually they prepare them in full view of the customers and are an option for every budget.

On the origin of the name of the gözleme we will find two explanations based on the meaning of the Turkish word göz. A sense is “compartment” and the gözleme is so called because it contains the filling inside. However, the most common meaning of goz is “eye” and in the case of the gözleme it is referred to the toasted circles that usually present the crepe.



The dough is made from flour, water, yeast, salt and oil; although you will find recipes that add yogurt. It is very curious to see how to prepare them the ladies sitting at a very low tables to everyone in the same room of the restaurant or at the entrance of the same. They stretch the dough with thin wood sticks to achieve a very thin blade. Then put filling on it and wrapped it. The gözleme is not cooked in the oven, but on a griddle, which tend to be convex called sac. When they are finished, they are cut into pieces and served on a plate. They can also serve the gözleme uncut.

Preparing Gözleme in IstanbulFillings, as it is easy to imagine, are really numerous. In addition to the aforementioned spinach and peynir (cheese) We also find filled with eggplant as those of the unforgettable restaurant Patlican at Inciralti (Izmir) or potato with kırmızı biber (Aleppo pepper) and very tasty they are those of Lamb with Mint. Some sites will offer stuffed with mushrooms, chicken, egg, Zucchini, etc.; actually we can find different menus in any small restaurant. Of course, There are also sweet, stuffed with chocolate, honey or nuts. A long list in which we are sure you will find our favorite.

Patlican restaurant in Inciralti

The gözleme can be taken at any time, Since the kahvalti up to dinner. Turks often accompany it of tea or ayran, liquid yoghurt. In any case, We must find the chance to sit down and take one of the most famous culinary specialties of the country.






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