Plateau Soup “Yogurt soup”

As I mentioned in a previous article, Yogurt is one of the most important ingredients of Turkish cuisine. It is used for cooking various dishes, and even as an accompaniment for soups, como que le plateau soup, have yogurt among its ingredients.

We have previously published another recipe yogurt soup, but here you have another way to prepare, its Turkish name “spring soup”.

Very easy to prepare and Lovely!!!!


– 1 tea cup plain Greek yogurt.Yogurt soup ingredients

– 1 tea cup rice.

– 1 egg.

– 1 tablespoon flour.

– 1 tablespoon dried mint.

– 1L water '5.

– Salt.



Put rice in a saucepan and cover with 2 glasses of water and put to boil until soft, without allowing it to be done at all (about. 10 min).


While we mix in a bowl the egg, flour and yogurt. We remove all well.

mix ingredientsmix ingredients






When the rice is already a bit soft, add water. Can be used instead broth water, if desired. And now we slowly pouring the mixture we prepared (to not cut yogurt) and stir around for a few minutes. We maintain over medium heat.

Preparing yogurt soupAdd the mint and bring to boil.

DSC_0081We keep cooking for about 10 minutes.

I like to grind in a blender a little, 2 or 3 knocking.

Finally add salt to taste. It is important to throw at the end so they do not cut yogurt.

It is very common here also added at the end Butter. That and I leave it to individual taste.

Hope you like!!!!

Spring soup



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