Kahvaltı. Turkish breakfast.

BreakfastAlthough fashion “brunch” is relatively recent, Turks have their long kahvaltı. A full breakfast is taken rather late and on weekends serves lunch. Many families leave kahvaltı weekends and there are places where only dedicated to serve kahvaltı, provide spaces for children and also to make nice to spend the morning with family or friends. Of course, We can also take our kahvaltı in many cafes and restaurants but this breakfast with salty foods, confectionery, fruits, hot and cold dishes, salads, much bread and tea, has become an activity beyond a simple meal. Very advisable to take a break in the hectic pace of life and tourist enjoy a moment of relaxation that can be accompanied by good views and traditional decor.

BreakfastAlthough “coffee six” means “before coffee”, Turks do not usually drink coffee during your kahvaltı, instead drink large amounts of tea. It is also normal that offer us fresh juices or buttermilk (a Turkish yogurt drink made liquid). Somewhere near Izmir, y entre Urla Cesme, We have come to offer beer, not in vain Aegean capital is known as the “infiel Izmir”. As for the food, usually offer a range of fixed plates and then we get to choose from several options to complete according to our preferences kahvaltı. Of course, the kahvaltı differ by area of ​​Turkey where we are but there are many dishes that are always present.

In our Turkish breakfast always find tomato and sliced ​​cucumber and will be essential different kinds of olives. In addition, we lay eggs, cheese, honey and bread of different types. From there we will have to choose from several options, if we are a sufficiently large number we can order many different things to try. At the end of the table will be filled with dishes and pans. The options depend on the site and the region in which we are but there are some dishes you should not miss in any establishment engaged to kahvaltı.

BreakfastThe menemem is a scrambled eggs with diced tomatoes, pepper, onion and egg, in some places it is a little spicy peppers depending on but not using normal. We can not miss the “sucukl eggs” a plate of fried eggs with slices of sausage, Turkish sausage. The sausage is a sausage made with beef, paprika and spices, although there are also a delicious variety that is made with camel meat is not very easy to find unless we go to a show Camel Wrestling. Depending on the place we offer other specialties that can be traditional meat or cheese, as the famous mihlama Black Sea based on processed cheese.

BreakfastIn many places have oven and offer us borek, a puff pastries with various fillings, the most common are the spinach, the meat cheese. They also can be prepared gözleme, them famous Turkish crepes stuffed with meat, vegetables the potato. In many places the borek and gozleme are prepared in view of the customers and we can go take some pictures that will be a valuable keepsake. If we are in Izmir, they may have “boyoz”, tubules brought from Spain by Sephardic Jews and that no steam stop taking when going to the third-largest city. Speaking of baked specialties, can not miss the simit, donut-shaped bread with sesame seeds which are inseparable from the culture of the country.

BreakfastAmong the sweet dishes with honey have cream, a fairly thick cream; We will also jam with cheese. The Turks have many kinds of jams among which is the famous rose petal jam. They are common diamond but in some places we can serve breakfast pastries. Speaking of cheese, It is very common the feta cheese a similar range to that also exists feta with herbs. There is also a kind of cheese and savory fairly consistent cut into thick slices and grilled ago.

BreakfastIf to all this we add some nuts, raisins and some fruit, have a complete kahvaltı before our eyes that allow us to enjoy its many flavors as we chat with our companions. In all Turkish cities there are places where this meal is complemented with a nice view, even served aboard a ship that travels a bay or river. As everyone, I have my preferences: en Izmir, the Patlican, which is near the hotel Crowne Plaza or any of the places Yakakoy an entire village dedicated to the path of Manisa kahvaltı. If we talk about Istanbul, I love the area and close to Besiktas Rumeli Hisari. It's a good idea to include this Turkish food in our plans to rest among the many monuments, palaces and museums.


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