Şeytan Sofrası, Devil's Table.

AyvalikThe coast of Turkey offers many places to admire unique landscapes. Although you have already visited many of those places, there is one that continues to surprise visitors. Şeytan Sofrası is on a hillside above the bay of Ayvalik. Away from mass tourism circuits, Ayvalik is known as the point of departure of the ferries to the nearby island of Lesbos. But when you get there you find with a memorable landscape, The bay has 27 islands, is surrounded by mountains and the majestic silhouette of Lesbos island to the west configure a scenario that will delight any visitor, especially if it is an enthusiast photographer.

AyvalikTo go to Şeytan Sofrası from Ayvalik we need to drive south. There are minibuses that also make the journey from the Cumhuriyet Meydane and if we drive our own car, is well signposted. The place name in Turkish means Devil's Table and it is referred to the shape of the mountain where it is. Once we leave Ayvalik we go through a pine forest that will not leave us until we get up there. When we arrive, we find a large square with two restaurants offering dining tables overlooking the spectacular views over the Aegean Sea. In recent times it has become very popular going there in the afternoon to enjoy the sunset behind the island of Lesbos but any time of day is recommended. A kahvalti (the Turkish traditional brunch) with the sight of bay in the background can be one of the unforgettable moments of our stay in Turkey.

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