Canakkale, the capital city of the Dardanelles.


Trojan Horse in Çanakkale seafront


Many visitors are only going to Çanakkale to know the Gallipoli Peninsula or when crossing the Straits of the Dardanelles way to Troy, however, we recommend you spend at least one day to explore the city. If we consider the historical Cimenlik fortress , the beautiful and lively seafront, its varied cuisine and elegant bazaar we will find convincing arguments to enjoy Çanakkale.

There are few places more closely tied to the mythology than the Dardanelles Strait. This waterway connects the Aegean Sea with the Marmara Sea and is one of the two straits that separate Europe from Asia. In ancient times it was known as the Hellespont and was always a disputed area, being the most well-known the one that caused the Trojan War. The passage of the Dardanelles was obliged beginning of great military campaigns. In 480 AC, Xerxes crossed the strait with the Persian army toward Greece and the famous battle of Thermopylae, where Leonidas awaited with his 300 Spartans. In 334 AC the step was in the opposite direction, Alexander was about to destroy the Persian Empire and enter the History. St. Paul passed twice through Çanakkale, during his second and third trips.


Fortaleza Lawn

Already in the sixteenth century, Mehmet el Conquistador ordered the construction of two fortresses, one on each side of the strait, to control it. That of the European side is Kilitbahir and the one on the Asian side is Cimenlik, currently in the center of Çanakkale. The Dardanelles Strait was the scene of the Battle of Gallipoli, a remembered First World War feat of arms that continues to attract tens of thousands of visitors each year. On that occasion, both fortresses contributed to the outcome of the battle.

The Çanakkale Strait provides superb views and the city waterfront is a privilege. In addition, it is a lively area with restaurants and cafes where we can take Turkish dishes, fish the fast food of all kinds. Both left and right of the ferry station we will find good options.

On the right side of the promenade, heading north, we will find the Trojan horse used by the producers of the film starring Brad Pitt used for the shooting and was donated to the city.

In the square in front of the ferry station we will find the Çanakkale Clock Tower , one of the symbols of the city. It was built in 1897 with a donation from the Italian consul Emili Vitali.


Foto Adam Jones, Ph.D. – Global Photo Archive.

If we turn to the left, heading south, from the ferry station, at the end of the ride we will arrive at Naval Museum. There you can visit the Cimenlik fortress and an outdoor exhibition of naval weapons from different periods, do not miss the view from the small promenade by the seashore and especially, the visit to the replica of Nusret Minesweeper. Inside the vessel we will be offered a audiovisual of the Battle of the Dardanelles and we will be able to visit the different sections, all with loving care in gratitude to the courageous actions of the ship, that were decisive to defeat the Allied fleet.

In the streets around the museum we have a shopping area similar to those found in other Turkish cities. In Çanakkale we will find find a pedestrian area very well preserved and with quite a few houses of traditional ottoman style.

Do not leave without buying in some baking Çanakkale famous sweet pastry called Peynir Helvasi, like a cheesecake which is made by hand.

As mentioned earlier, the visit to Canakkale usually includes the Troy tour and the trip along the Gallipoli Peninsula. The latter is particularly recommended.

When planning our visit to Canakkale we must remember that the Battle of Gallipoli ANZAC day is commemorated on 25 April, so we will find fully booked hotels and prices that are not the best.

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Canakkale, the capital city of the Dardanelles
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Canakkale, the capital city of the Dardanelles
Si visitas Gallipoli and Troya, do not miss the chance to visit the capital of the Straits of the Dardanelles. If you visit Gallipoli or Troy, do not miss the opportunity to visit the capital of the Straits of the Dardanelles

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