FAVA ( cream dried beans)

In Turkey it is common, in all kinds of restaurants to bars, have a variety of entrees or the middle. Always offered before the main course and every place has its specialty. Let's say it would be the Turkish equivalent of our tapas. One of the most used ingredient is yogurt, essential in Turkish cuisine. The meze may be hot or cold and are usually served in small bowls with a generous tray of freshly baked bread, since many of them are spread. They are really delicious.

One of the most popular, surely can taste anywhere that you go to eat, is the fava, a kind of cream dried beans, that untaremos on bread and accompany with a drizzle of olive oil.


the middle


250 gr of dried beans

1 small carrot (optional)

1 onion


Olive oil

A teaspoon of sugar.





Wash the beans, put them in a pan covered with water ( 2 or 3 fingers above). Add the grated carrot and onion, salt and sugar to taste. We boil and add a tablespoon or two of olive oil. We maintain a low heat until the beans soften.

Remove from heat and spent all through the blender, although it can also be crushed and mashed to make hand. It will be tastier if you add finely chopped fresh dill.

Pour the cream into a shallow source and let cool. Before serving, cut it into small pieces and add over a squeeze of lemon, olive oil and chopped dill. Some restaurants also add chopped onion into very small pieces (for me, the best choice).

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