On the west coast of the province of Izmir, in the Aegean region, is the town of Alaçatı, probably one of the most popular places in Turkey today. It is the place chosen by many famous, Turkish people of high society and windsurfing crazy to spend your vacation.

You are famous for su peculiar architecture, vineyards and windmills for over 150 years ago.

Alaçatı has become internationally known for windsurfing and kitesurfing, practiced in its pristine waters. It is the ideal place for these sports, because it has a perfect area to navigate, near the "marina", having wind almost constantly.

Formerly known as "Agrilia". According to some Greek sources the original name of the city was Alatsata, that comes from the Greek word wings, means salt. Surely the nearby salt lakes in the area.

Originally it was an area of ​​Greek settlement, but 1914, the Greek population was forced to leave the city. Although it is clear evidence of their presence there.

It can be taken as a strategic point from which to visit different places, how to Izmir 70 km, Çesme a 7 km, Is a 15 km y Efeso a 155 km


Village Street.

Village Street.

The village is somewhat remote from the sea, about 2/3 km, but it is a beautiful place, in which everything is built with great taste. Beautiful old stone houses are mixed with other modern, but always maintaining the characteristic style of construction. Full of small hotels with great charm, restaurants decorated with exquisite taste and always with an area of ​​outdoor seating, craft shops, fashion shops, bakeries and cafes in which to sit and enjoy the atmosphere that the city. As nice is to walk, as buying any of their stores, as the great Turkish food try offering any of their restaurants.

In summer, especially weekends, usually too busy.

We also find many antique shops, really curious, a pleasure to come, browse and sort through items that have. And, course, dependent with a smile and with all his time for us

The nearest beaches are those of Illica or of Babylon (Alaçatı) and they are great white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters.

The village is also well known for the flea market held every Saturday, always busy and lively.

The city has a marina, really nice, colorful houses in front of that peculiar Bay, make it a spectacular site. Here is also an area of ​​restaurants and bars, yes, more expensive than in town.

Nightlife is another attraction of the town, famous for its clubs and bars, with great atmosphere. Of course keep in mind that the season starts in late March and ends in October.

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  1. Looks good. So a simple vista, reminds me a lot to mykonos, with its windmills and its white and blue houses that give a special flavor, possibly because this also drenched Aegean.
    Fantastic contribution and encouragement to continue with this wonderful blog.

    • I love that we feel encouraged to follow the blog, and hope you enjoy our pictures and you may know a little more than Turkey. Any suggestion is supported! Thank you very much Ruben!

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