5 of the 10 I best hamam in Turkey

As I told you in one of the latest posts, the Bath or Turkish bath, is a part of the turkish culture. In every town or city we will find buildings for this use. The same is true in most of the best hotels.Hamam in Istanbul

I've gone to a some of them and certainly those that more attract my attention are genuine ones., more traditional. As it is impossible to me to know all of them, I've been gathering information about which they are most appreciated by Turks. According to various media in the country some lists of the nation's best have been published. So I have prepared a selection of 10 best hamam in Turkey, in this post I will talk about 5 them.

1 –Cağaloğlu bath:

It was built in 1714 by Sultan Mahmud I as a gift to the city of Istanbul. One of the most beautiful in the country. There are separate sections for men and women.

In Istanbul

In Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey
Street address
c/ Yerebatan Caddesi 34
+90 212 522 2424 In Istanbul
To get
Sultanahmet Tram. Learn more
bathroom, peeling will rub € 50-110
2-Kervansaray Thermal Hotel Bursa Hamami:
Inside the hotel Kervansaray, the water is at 44 ° C and is rich in calcium. With separate sections for men and women. You can also rent the facilities for groups.
burss Caravanserai thermal hotel
In one of the areas of the downtown historic hot springs building, a traditional Turkish bath has been preserved. There are different sections for men and women. Men area has an impressive hot water pool 20 m2 at a temperature of 40 ° C and is rich in minerals and calcium ions.
The women pool is 12.5 m2 and has with her a special pool for children. Its temperature is 40 ° C and is a benchmark for years due to the properties of these waters.
Kervansaray Thermal Hotel Turkish Bath








Kervansaray – Convention Center & SPA
Grasshopper Square 16080
Bursa Turquía
+90 224 233 93 00
+90 224 233 93 24


3-Cemberlitas hamamI:


Built by the famous architect Sinan in 1584.

Near the most emblematic buildings of the city. And one of the best known and popular, that means that the price is not cheap.

Men and women in different rooms.



Street address
Street Wazir Khan Street 8
+90 212 522 7974
tramvía Çemberlitaş
Çemberlitas Haman











4-Galatasaray hamamI:

Also in Istanbul, built by Beyazit II en 1481

Street address: Insert Turnacıbaşı. Not: 24 Galatasaray / Beyoğlu İstanbul Beyoğlu İstanbu

Phone: 0212 252 42 42 – 0212 252 43 42

With the “museum pass” a 25% off









5-Suleymani Hamami:

With over 450 year history, Suleymaniye Haman is one of the oldest Turkish baths in Istanbul. The site is located at the foot of the Suleymaniye Mosque, Istanbulof which it is considered a part. The Suleymaniye Hamam was built in 1557 during Suleiman the Magnificent rule. It was designed by Sinan as part of the complex which included the mosque itself and other buildings as a hospital and a primary school.


Price: full service 35 euros, cash.


Street address : Mimar Sinan Caddesi No:20
Suleymaniye / İSTANBUL – TURKEY
(Old City)
Phones : +90 (212) 519 55 69
Phones : +90 (212) 520 34 10
Fax : +90 (212) 519 55 70
E-mail : info@suleymaniyehamami.com.tr

suleymaniye hamami









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