Visa for entry into Turkey

Blue Mosque-3European citizens have become accustomed to not needing visa, even passport, to travel to the countries of the Union. But if you travel to Turkey is necessary to check the conditions and requirements that are needed because they are different by country. It is best to enter the website of the Turkish Embassy in our country to test our case.

??????????????????????The Spaniards can use a passport or national identity card and it is necessary to obtain a visa. For tourism or business trip, the visa is granted for a period of six months during which we can stay 90 days in Turkey without limit on the number of entries.

Previously you had to apply for a visa at the Turkish Embassy in Mexico or make a long queue at the airport of entry to Turkey. However, in 2013 a system of electronic visa obtaining very convenient and fast was launched. Before we start we need to ensure that we have:

  • Passport or national identity in effect during the days of our trip
  • Card or valid visa mastercard
  • Email address

Then we must go to the address where we can select our language and then follow the steps that indicate.eVisado-1

  • First we asked our nationality and the document will be used to identify, course, must be the same as take on our trip.
  • Next we need to put the dates of trip. On the screen we suggest that the visa will last for six months from the date that we introduce in the system. During that time we may be ninety days in the country with unlimited entries. We also report the price of the visa, at this time, 20 dollars.

    eVisado 6-
  • We will then screen in which personal data is very important that the information contained exactly as it appears on your passport or identity card that we will use. We also verify that the document number that we introduce is correct. In this screen we ask the email address that the system uses to send our visa.
  • Almost immediately receive an email with the verification email, at the bottom find a button to approve the application. It is convenient to do so as soon as possible.
  • When you click on the confirmation button, We redirected to the payment page by credit card visa or mastercard.
  • Once payment made, A screen that tell us that the process has completed successfully and where we see a link to download the visa will appear. It is very important to print the PDF document we file at the office of entry to Turkey.eVisado

The case study and work visas are different and should be consulted before traveling because you need to get them at the Embassy. The procedures of these visas are more complicated, you will need to send documents from the college or school you are going to study in Turkey or documentation of your employment contract and then present it all in the embassy. I recommend starting the process at least one month before your journey wondering at the Turkish Embassy in Spain. Once in Turkey will have to obtain a residence permit of the Turkish Police, is advisable to consult our consulate in Istanbul to guide us.

Video of the Turkish government on e-visa (English)

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