The Alem, “the symbol of the crescent crown mosques”

If you have seen any mosque will have noticed that in all, on top of its large domes and minarets appears a symbol that crown , its name in Turkish”Alem”.

A throughout the world thousands of them crown the minarets of mosques. Alem

Looking at them you realize that most of them represent a crescent. This symbol is seen in the West as the quintessential symbol Muslim. Its use goes far back in time; we can say that is the Islamic equivalent to the cross of Christianity.

The crescent with a star on the flag include Turkey as in countries like Tunisia and Pakistan.

Not only are placed on the domes and minarets of mosques, also in madrassas, sanctuaries,…


Walking through any city or small town in Turkey can contemplate the many that exist alemes. They have become an emblem, and throughout a business worth a lot of money, as there are many companies that are dedicated to the exclusive production of such objects. Not only to finish these sacred buildings, but its use has spread and many people simply use them as decorative elements.

Tienda del Kemeraltı

Religious places have the function as a bridge between heaven and earth. All religions have tried to capture the essence of spirituality “The truth” with symbols. A symbol carries all the hidden aspects and deeper dimensions to light, much more than they would achieve other informational materials.

The minarets or towers of the call to prayer, where they are called 5 times a day for Muslims to prayer. The size of the minaret tapers as it rises. The crescent at the top represents the ultimate union of all that ascends from below. He is serving as an antenna receiver and transmitter to their divine messages.

Throughout history many times served as observation tower in cities.


They are of very different sizes and can also be manufactured with different materials, usually copper, although silver is also used.

In the bazaars one can find for decorative use, with varied designs and even mixing materials such as ceramics and brass or copper. / camialemimalatcisi.htm / camialemimalatcisi.htm

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