How to prepare tea with a samovar


SamovarThe samovar is a traditional Russian origin coffee is also used in nearby countries, including all Anatolia. Many visitors can not resist the appeal of these pieces of craftsmanship and take them to their countries of origin without really knowing the Turks used as. The samovar is a tall container with a water reservoir at the bottom and placed over her tea. The lower reservoir has a small hot water tap to serve. As in Russia, samovar in Turkey are usually of copper or brass but here made with typical oriental style decorations adorning the whole. Besides enjoying this magnificent remember gazing at the place we have chosen for him in our home, not forget that in reality it is a teapot where we preparing and serving tea to the more traditional Turkish style.

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The first time I enjoyed a tea brewed in a samovar was on the terraces of Boztepe, in Trabzon . The hill is full of cafes where they serve tea by placing a samovar in the center of the table and we can spend the afternoon admiring the view of the city with the Black Sea in the background while we are consuming the tea we serve ourselves. The samovar are present in all the bazaars of Turkey and can be found easily in the craft stalls. Prices vary depending on size, quality of the material and labor. In traditional samovar water is heated with charcoal, but there are models that run on electricity.

If we remove the pot from the top you will see a top that can also be removed to expose the lower water tank and pipe to place coal. The first thing you have to do is fill the lower bowl of water and put hot coals in the fireplace.

In put the tea kettle with just a little water, only necessary to moisten it and put the kettle in place while the water warms from below. Once the water boils, take the teapot and add hot tap water is in the bottom of the samovar. The tea should be very little water, it comes to preparing a highly concentrated infusion each stoop to your taste by adding water samovar own. Add water in the tank down to replace what we used for tea. When the water returns to a boil, we're ready to serve tea.

We will use the typical Turkish tulip-shaped glasses, serving in a little glass teapot tea concentrate, Turks do not usually put more than a third of the vessel but that depends on each. As no strainer teapots, you have to use one when we serve tea avoiding falling leaves in the cup. Later, add hot water faucet samovar ready and we have our traditional Turkish tea. The samovar keeping water and tea at a suitable temperature for a long time but you have to be careful when we touch it because logically, is pretty hot.

The coal samovar has some legs to prevent heat from damaging the site on which we place but it is always advisable to use a metal tray to avoid problems.


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