Yeni Cami, New Mosque meets 350 years ago.

Yeni CamiFriday 8 February 1664 Yeni Cami Mosque was opened to the prayer of believers. The works had begun 67 years ago and were abandoned and turns to resume in a checkered history ended with the inauguration of a mosque that remains in the retina of all visitors to Istanbul. Not for nothing, It is located at the entrance of the Golden Horn, facing the Galata Bridge and along the Spice Bazaar, definitely, one of the most visited and photographed places in the capital. The 8 February 2014, Yeni Cami cumplió, for, 350 years ago.

Yeni CamiSafiye Sultan was the mother of Sultan Murad III and it is not clear why he chose a location like that to raise a new imperial mosque. Traditionally, high places were chosen to allow to see the building from a distance, but this mosque would be located near the port of Eminönü, in the lower part of the ancient city. It is said that the aim was to expand Islam, because the neighborhood was inhabited mostly by Jews.

The works were a nightmare. He architect Davut Aga, one of the disciples of the great Mimar Sinan, I had chosen a classic design, a large dome supported by four arches. But his death prompted the construction was continued by Ahmet Aga Dalgic, who had to face a floor semipantanoso could hardly sustain the building foundation. He built arches, bridges and dikes to drain the area, but eventually, death and the rise of Sultan Ahmed I caused the abandonment of the project six years after its inception.

Yeni CamiDuring 57 years ago, the structure of the mosque was in ruins until the terrible fire of declared 1660 that burned for 49 destroying hours 80.000 homes, 300 palaces and mansions, 360 mosques and cost 4.000 lives throughout the historic center. After the event, Queen Mother Hatice Turhan Sultan, the mother of the then Sultan Mehmet IV, decided to complete the construction. The new architect Mustafa Aga decided to return to the original design and built a beautiful building in which a cascade of 66 domes descends from the great central dome 36 meters. The mosque has an arcaded courtyard and two minarets with three balconies.

The New Mosque was the last imperial mosque to be built with your külliye, a building complex consisting of school, hospital, public baths and a bazaar which is one of the few buildings that survived, the now famous Spice Bazaar. Next to the Yeni Cami the tombs four sultans and mother of Mehmet IV and developer Monument.

Yeni CamiThe interior is decorated with beautiful Iznik tiles and marble and gold. The tiles are the traditional blue colors, red and green. Of course, find traditional lamps hanging from the ceiling to near floor, numerous stained glass windows and traditional calligraphic stamps at the base of the dome.

Yeni Cami is one of the most beautiful mosques in the city and hardly we will leave Istanbul without a photo of this building, that despite not being built on a hillside, is located in a place that every tourist visiting.

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