Market of Bostanli “Bostanlı Markets”

mixed vegetables Bostanli

No one should leave Turkey without visiting some of its markets "pazarlar". No city or town, however small is, which is not held at least one week. There are all kinds, food, of organic products, clothes and accessories, plants and flowers, fish and even antiques.

In the city of Izmir one of the most popular markets is to Bostanlı, Decent enough the Karþýyaka, surely the lesser known side of the city for tourists who visit. Held every Wednesday and is usually very busy, so I recommend going early in the morning, especially if the day is hot.


To get the easiest is to take a ferry from the "Kordon"Or promenade of the city. There are several exit points along the walk and you can go on foot or by car. If we pass the car ferry, we will go to the ferry station that is in the Inciralti and pay for vehicle, not many people, price 7 TL (3 Euros). The ride is about 20 minutes during the tour we will enjoy not only the view of the Bay of Izmir, but we can sit on the deck and sip tea, a Turkish coffee on a zumo de naranja natural.


Reaching KarsIyaka and get off the ferry, head towards the left, as directed by Bostanlı. It is a very nice road by the sea, large walk with greenery take us to where the market is held. Has not lost, see as a full roof area people, we know we have arrived.


You will always be welcome, since the Turks treat aliens with extreme kindness. So soon you will find yourself at ease walking through there and you can enjoy all find it out there. The variety and color of fruits and vegetables is wonderful. Fresh fish, traditional cheeses, the assorted breads, farm eggs, nuts, spices and endless types of olives are among other things that you will see. Not to mention the stalls selling fabrics, clothing, pajamas, socks, various imitations (glasses, colonies, Watches, by, Bags,…), linen, sportswear, etc..

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After I kick well, we are sure that you need a snack, It will be time to try a gözleme (preparing very thin dough by hand and after roasting slightly, generally, fill it with spinach and cheese) or take a bagel (donut-shaped bread, and covered in seeds).

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