Market craft Sığacık “Sığacık market”


One of the town's streets

A 45 km from the city of Izmir is the town of Seferihisar, y a 5 km of this find the small town of Sığacık. This place is chosen by many Turks as a holiday, why population multiplies in summer.

natural artichokes

natural artichokes

The village has 2 small ports, one sport and one fishing, the latter protected by the wall surrounding the town. It is within this area walled where each Sunday This market is held, which is widely known in the area.

On the streets of the inner area of ​​the castle wall is where housewives will have, sold by homemade meals produced by them. The most common are the traditional gözleme,it is a fine paste that is filled with different things (cheese and spinach is the most frequent), nohutlu mantı (torttellini like the homemade pasta stuffed with a paste of chickpea), stuffed leaves (grape leaves stuffed with rice and minced meat or rice and a little spicy onion), diamond (a sweet pastry with nuts and syrup), bite (donuts with a delicious syrup), etc..

All kinds of homemade jams are also sold, hojaldres, mixed olives,..

Women in the area also offer all kinds of Handmade Products, linen, imitation jewelry, clothing, toys, scarves, bags and a thousand other things.

Villagers sell their surrounding organic products, all kinds of vegetables, herbs and fresh fruits.

In every street there are places to sit and have a tea or a soft drink and savor some sweet home or even eat any of the homemade dishes that are offered there.

The walk through the village streets, in a rural setting and very genuine, becomes a pleasure. Here you you will not find many tourists, is a market intended for people of the province, who come to enjoy Sunday stroll with family or friends and tasting or buying to take home some of the homemade meals are prepared here, while watching and do some shopping in the craft stalls.

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