The sandwiches Galata Bridge

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Many have heard of the fish sandwiches Galata Bridge. Truly, it has become nothing short of a must for visitors to Istanbul, but please think you're something ground for tourists, Turks love to eat on the street and this is a delicious and very cheap option. In addition, no trip to Istanbul that does not include a visit to the Spice Bazaar is just next to where we can take these snacks.Bocadillo_galata, galata_sandwich,

From the square of the bazaar and the New Mosque, pass under the busy underpass leading to the Galata Bridge. Once we left on the side of the Golden Horn, to our left we see a number of posts with tables where you can order sandwiches. The site always has many people, so the first thing is to get a table. Once we place, employees pick the table and one of us has to go for the sandwiches into, no table service. The sandwiches are made on a barge moored in front of each small restaurant and one or two men serving customers, bring snacks from the barge and charge. Since only have sandwiches, no problem to communicate, are told the number of snacks and already. The price is 5 lire and the sandwich has grilled mackerel and salad.

Bocadillo_galata, galata_sandwich,Once seated, we offer all kinds of drinks, tissues and a typical accompaniment based pickles sold in stalls located around the tables. Everything is paid at the time.

From the tables we can see the constant coming and going of people, vendors and employees; life in Turkey at its most genuine expression, no particular order, but it works. We will also have before it the Galata Bridge, with fishermen and their branches, the constant coming and going of ferries by the Golden Horn and the majestic figure of the Torre Gálata leaning over the houses that surround. Of course, is a good choice to take a break, sit and take a bite without spending much. The sandwiches are also served under the bridge and elsewhere along the Golden Horn. In it the PERDAEN.

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