Narguile “hookah”


One thing that continues to surprise me every day and is the ability of the Turks sit and chat, while playing a game of backgammon or "okay" and smoked hookah. It seems the world is paralyzed for them, without haste and without strain. They can spend hours and hours and, just enjoying a good chat with a friend or friends, pipe passing each other repeatedly.

A habit that I love, and in Europe at least, not often seen. A great combination: people, coffee, Play and hookah.

Also called nargileh, cachimba o shisha. It is used for smoking different flavors of snuff, hierbas sin nicotina o shiazo steam stones (substitute snuff hookah or herbs developed in Germany).

It is a very old tradition in Turkey, a very ingrained habit. Formerly other smoked Turkish snuff, but today has been replaced by the aromatic and flavored snuff.

This item is used daily for hours for many millions of people in Asia, America, Europa y África, both street cafes and houses.

Tienda del Kemeraltı

Many times smoking a hookah is a mere pretext to encourage conversation and spread a little leisure time.

In all Turkish cities are places, usually cafes where you can not smoke in these pipes. There you will offer the snuff, the most popular, the apple and a disposable mouthpieces that we exchange with no problem.

En Izmir, along the promenade there are many bars that have tables and chairs by the sea almost, and have hookahs and other games that we can use for hours. It is a lively area, always full of young people who come here to enjoy their free time.

They come in all colors, materials, sizes and shapes. That they share the same mechanism. They consist of the following parts:

Hookah parts

From the upper end to the lower, the parts are as follows:
The pan cacilla "Lule": usually made of heat resistant ceramic, where the snuff is placed, covered by a sheet of perforated aluminum and paper on which coal turns the snuff is placed.
Body: tube that connects the pan snuff with the base, and also houses the hose connector and air valve. Usually made of some kind of stainless metal.
Valve: small tube capped with a ball which rises gently blow through the hose. Used to purge the stale air inside the hookah.
Base “shishe”: made of glass, and which is filled partially with water and honey or other mixtures, sometimes water and some type of alcoholic beverage.
Manguera "marpuç": conduit through which smoke is drawn to.

Standards to be taken into account when smoking a hookah:

 Do not talk in high-pitched voice. Do not disturb anyone.Cafe in the Kemeralti

 We must slow smoking, because it is a relaxing activity.

 Do not light a cigarette or something else with coal hookah.

 Do not throw the ashes or cigarette butts on the plate or charcoal hookah.

 Do not place the hookah up high above the smoker and people.

 Do not run the hose directly to another person, just leave it on the table.

 Never point the hose nozzle to another person.

 If you share with another person, must use a disposable mouthpiece.

 Do not grab near the end of the hose.

Preferred combinations of snuff for the hookah in Turkey are:






The truth is that there are many combinations, Try the best and then decide what is your.nargile1


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  1. Approximately how much can cost a hookah in Turkey and roughly when it would be in euros ? Thanks in advance .

    • Hi Hector, complete it can find hookah from 40 Tl (17euros) and thence up, by material, size, handwork,… Some are small they are even cheaper, but I understand that one-size questions. Actually bottle “hookah bottle” It is the cheapest among 10-20 Tl, the sea from 3.5 Euros. It is the “hookah for evil” which increases, as it can be of very different materials, as silver, bronze, alpaca,… And many with beautiful carvings.

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