Izgara Köfte

If you visit Turkey you have to try one of the most popular dishes, including kebab, the durum or köfte"meatballs". Almost sure you will find them in most of locals or restaurants that serve traditional Turkish food. The most well-known köfte are balls of beef minced meat or lamb minced meat mixed with beef minced meat and we add some spices., a mix between our meatballs and hamburgers. There are many köfte types and not only meat köfte, Other ingredients are also used to prepare them. Probably the best known the “izgara köfte or grilled kofte. we love it. And cooked in the BBQ are really good..

Evaporate Kofta






-1 kg minced meat of veal. minced beef

-1 large onion.

-2 slices of stale bread or breadcrumbs (4 tablespoons).

-1 egg.

-Spices (köfte spices or a mixture of black pepper, curry, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, cumin, oregano and ingredientes meatballsmint).

-1 clove of garlic.


-You can serve the plate: with tomato sauce and Greek yogurt.



Put the ground meat in a deep dish.

Chop the onion and garlic. Mix them with minced meat.

chopped onion

Add spices. Turkey sells bags of spices mix ready for cooking köfte “köfte bahari”. If we can´t get it, we add the spices mentioned before ( ground mint, cinnamon, ground black pepper,..)

Now pour the egg, bread crumbs and salt ; stir everything very well.

Ce beef minced meat with spices


keep in the fridge during 3 hours 3 more or less.

Remove from the fridge and began to shape into balls and then crush them lightly.

Preparación del meatballs

Ready to cook them on the grill or in a barbecue. The taste is very special, similar to the Russian fillets, but with a delicious spicy touch.

You can serve with greek yoghurt and tomato sauce, sliced and fried in the frying pan with a little oil, a pinch of sugar and salt.

Greek yogurt and tomato sauce

I encourage you to prepare for a meeting with friends, everybody love it even children.

Izgara köfte "köfte a la plancha"


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