Markets in Izmir and surroundings

If there is something that really characterizes Turkey and part of their culture are the markets “Pazarlar”. Almost in all the towns and cities there is a day for the “pazar”. Quite a popular event and the … Continue reading

Mushrooms and chicken casserole “Mantarli tavuk güveç”

A very typical healthy and extremely tasty dish in Turkey, Casserole with mushrooms and chicken. And extremely easy to cook a dish that everyone likes. Moreover, if you have a celiac at home, this is a gluten free recipe. Ingredients: … Continue reading

“Ildiri”Ancient Eritrea

The truth is that when we decided to visit Ildiri we did not know that we would find, because the truth is that no one told us about this place before and none of our friends had visited it. Located on the … Continue reading