Sightseeing tours in Istanbul

Many of you have asked us a guide in Spanish to accompany you on your visit to Istanbul. We do not claim to be an agency but in order to help better your visit to profit, we offer you the company of some relatives and friends living there. Are Spanish people who know perfectly well speak Turkish Istanbul. Like us, They are very interested in culture, history and customs of the country, so we thought you may find interesting.

We offer a day visit in Spanish with itineraries that can be changed to suit your tastes. We can only cater for small groups, Maximum six people and we will make commuting by public transport or walking. If you need someone to accompany you in your purchases and will help you with the language, also you can count on us. In all the trips I will wait for your hotel

These are our itineraries:

Blue Mosque-3Sultanahmet.

Hippodrome, Blue Mosque, Santa Sofia, Tank, Topkapi Palace.


Pierre LotiGolden Horn.

New Mosque, Rustem Pasha Mosque in, Bulgarian Church of San Esteban, Mosque Eylül, Pierre Lotti


Kiz KulesiBosphorus.

Ortakoy Mosque, Dolmabahce Palace, Mezquita Dolmabahce, Kiz Kulesi.


Rustem Paşa with the background SuleymaniyeMaster Sinan.

Mosque Shezade, Mezquita de Kara Ahmet Pacha, Suleymaniye Mosque, Tumba de mimara Sinan, Mezquita Rustem Pasha.


If you want another route or changes in we suggest, we can realize when you get in touch with us.


50 € per person.

The museum entrance fees are not included and displacements run yourselves, on long journeys you can choose subway, bus, tram the taxi. Always accompany you and help you with prices. If you want to go to the Asian side, we will use the ferry. If you have a preference for food, we can indicate in advance and seek.

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