A different holiday, enjoying the sea with family or friends, browsing. “My sea coach”


The Turkish coast is really awesome, surely a paradise for sailing enthusiasts. Today unot of the main attractions for tourists is the wide range of cruises,gulet or day tours by boat, offered along the entire coast of the country.

sailing knot detail

Both the Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea to the Turkish coast are privileged enclaves to enjoy this type of excursions and sports. His calm, clear waters, contrasting with the green mountains and fields make it a unique place to enjoy nature.

A new option for maximum enjoyment of the sea and share our time with family or friends is to hire a sailing course as. A week or days that interest us sailing between Turkish and Greek coast on a sailboat manned by a captain experienced, to handle the boat while teaches and instructs in sailing. Browse and enjoy while we learn to manage the yacht. An unforgettable experience for family practice, in which all members of the family will enjoy and be involved in navigation.

An unforgettable experience in company of the people you have selected, you, codream sta, teamwork, rest, leisure, sea, wind and time to enjoy. Clearly, an option to consider for our next vacation.

Tú decide that you want, browse and enjoy without having to learn or organize anything, group navigate and learn while enjoying an unforgettable trip. Your own cruising sailboat, a la carte.

Courses are organized, outputs, tours and cruises as. You will enjoy both the pleasure of resting aboard the sailboat and to participate in the management thereof.

Both adults and children will enjoy the most of this adventure.



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