Resorts in Turkey: Uludag y Kartalkaya.


Many people have never thought about the possibility of skiing in Turkey, probably due to ignorance. The truth is that the country is so large and varied, that one can practice virtually almost all types of sport, one ski.

Detached Uludag

Cuando llegué to live in Izmir IBA never thought to be in Turkey where he learned to ski. A weekend in a small ski resort near Izmir call”Bozdag”, I became interested in the subject and discover the different ski resorts that comprise the country.

The list is huge, but the most important are the following:

– Uludag.

– Kartalkaya.

– Kartepe.

– Güneykaya.

– Paladoken.

– Davraz.

– Erciyes.

Uludag :

Southwest of the province of Bursa and a 36 km from the city of Bursa's Uludağ ski resort is. With an altitude of 2543 m and within a beautiful natural park 11.338 hectares. Possibly the most important ski center in the country and known.

Around the tracks we can find modern hotels, shopping centers and leisure and entertainment areas.

The ski area is between a height of 750 and 2543 m.

The ski season is recommended between the 20 December and 20 March.

In winter the snow depth is approximately 3 meters.

It has 8 telesillas y 7 lifts with capacity for 11.000 people / hour.


-Ergun: 800m

-Belted body of dressage: 2750 m. Uludag Ski

-Kusaklikaya: 3000 m.

-Know: 1300 m.

-Grand Yazici: 650 m.

-Belvü: 900 m.

-Karakuvvet the

-Honorary: 1100 m.

-Caravanserai: 1100 m.

-Beceren: 900 m.

-Features: 1175 m.

-Osman Almighty: 650 m.

-Karkay: 700 m.

-Grand Yazici of Tutl: 2750 m.

This ski resort is the most popular and busiest Turkey. Many Turks flock to it in the winter season to enjoy your favorite sports skiing and snowboarding, every day more followers.

The center is well equipped and ready to welcome anyone who wants to come by to enjoy a few days enjoying the snow. In all seasons of the country there are centers for equipment rental and hire of clothing. As we find monitors and health care services in all.


Located in northwestern Turkey, in a mountain range called Sierra Köroglu and to 38 Bolu km from the ski resort of Kartalkaya is.

It occupies an area between the 1850-2200 m Altitude.

One of the most important centers of Turkey for winter sports.

Surrounded by a huge pine forest.

In the winter the snow depth is around 3 m.

Possibly the best prepared for snowboarding. It has 3 main slopes, 1 corner, 3 handrails and 3 boxes.

The best time to enjoy the season, in early December to late March.

There 3 hotels in the same season that offer good service and direct access to the slopes.

Kartalkaya Ski Area


Black Pistes


Red Pistes


Blue Pistes


Green Pistes

Kartalkaya hotel:

-2 telesillas.

-6 lifts.

-11 lifts.

-12 tracks with a total of 20 Longitude de mi.

Dorukkaya Hotel:

-8 telesillas (2 from 240m, 1 two 600M, 1 from 750m, 1 of 1080m, 1 of 1100m, 1 1200m of y 1 of 1500m).

-11 tracks.

pistas Kartalkaya




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