Alanya Castle

View from the castle of Alanya

The city of Alanya is located on the eastern Mediterranean coast of Turkey and is located 120 km from the city of Antalya. Nature and landscapes are spectacular places, since the city is situated between the Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, a strategic location since ancient times.

Not only interesting for its white sand beaches, but also well known for its caves with properties, supposedly beneficial for respiratory diseases , and vestiges of the Seljuk period, among which there are certainly noteworthy Castle.

The castle Surrounded by an impressive wall of 6.5 km long and is located on a rocky mountain beachfront 250 meters high. As you can imagine the view is breathtaking.

Built in time Seljuk Aladdin Keykubat by Year 1221 as a fortress. The castle had 83 towers and 140 bastions. Therein had a 400 tanks to supply water to the city in medieval times, some of them are still in use.

To reach the fort must travel 3 km of a winding road. There are various options, You can walk, Cycling, take a taxi to the foot of the hill, by bus from the city center or our own car. The way up can be a little hard, especially if the day is hot, but is really picturesque and enjoyable as there are many terraces and gardens, typically Turks, where you can sit under the shade of one of its trees to enjoy a tea refreshment or snack. We also find small stalls selling crafts and household products. If ye would buy one of the typical pumpkin lamps, this is the right place, probably where most variety and best price can find.

Once at the top and already inside the castle, which is an open air museum, we just walk among the ruins and walk along the castle wall, enjoy wonderful views.

Part of the castle wall

The castle is built on top of a small peninsula that divides the city into two parts. Due to its interesting strategic position has been for centuries an important human settlement.

The first city wall was built in the Hellenistic period, but in later centuries were doing different reforms and new buildings that were changing the face of the same. The last of these reforms, leaving the castle as we see it today, was held in the Seljuk era, as I have said before.

There are many examples of civil and religious architecture within the complex urban mosques, churches, tanks, stores, baths, etc..

Map Mediterranean Coast***

Map Mediterranean coast

Part of the castle wall


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