Beach “Whiskered” in Cunda

Playa de Biyikli

Turkey is not only a country full of archaeological sites and remains of almost all ancient civilizations. It is also a country with a wonderful coast. The southern Mediterranean coast is a very popular tourist area, especially among Russian tourists, English and German. But there are still many beaches completely unknown by tourists, they are wonderful places where one can enjoy a wonderful holiday.

One of these beaches is the beach Biyikli, in Cunda.

Situada a 5 km de Cunda, in a natural park where numerous monasteries and old churches are, today abandoned.

A great place to spend the day or even spend a few days in the rural inn is located on the beach. It can be a starting point to visit Cunda, Ayvalik and even other surrounding villages.

Here one can enjoy the beach and the sea itself or planning a trekking route, bike tours, fishing and diving. In the area many trips are also organized 1 day boat, a really nice trip, where navigating within this wonderful bay, that consists of more than 23 islands.

View of a monastery on a small island

View of a monastery on a small island

The beach is a haven of peace and tranquility. One can start the morning with a gorgeous kahvaltı in pension, it has very nice gardens. Then relax for hours on the sun or in special booths for the beach that much estilan in Turkey, calls “lohas”.

Access to the beach from the small hotel

Access to the beach from the small hotel

Of course, if one he wants to eat the appetizer take some refreshment, including beer, in the same little hotel we were delighted attend.

Typical Turkish houses on the beach

The clear and calm water, the beautiful scenery and quaint beach decor and the pension, a mix of rustic and chic, make it a great place where you can disconnect from the world and enjoy the silence, the sea and the extraordinary landscape of the natural park.

If you get tired of so much Tranquil, You can always approach Cunda, a lively Greek village style, full of restaurants and small shops.Apart village also has a beautiful promenade and from April to October or November, Busy, since it is one of the places preferred by people veraneos Izmir.

North Aegean Map***

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