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AssosThe port of Assos is located north of the bay of Ayvalik and for years, Istanbul artists kept this secret haven in one of the most beautiful areas I Turkish Aegean. Of course, Assos harbor is one of those places to consider if one wants to miss. Away from mass international tourism, there we find restaurants and lodging to the same seaside. The views of the Isle of Lesbos and fishermen returning, alternate with yachts and luxury cars of the few visitors who can hold that little place.

AssosTo reach the port of Assos have to follow the directions on the corner there on the road to Çanakkale about Ayvalik 90 Km de Ayvalik, near the town of Ayvacik. There is another way to get if we go from Ayvalik, taking the left turn passing Küçükkuyu and following the coast.

AssosFor both paths reach the town of Behram, there are the ruins of the ancient city of Assos, where Aristotle himself lived and taught for three years. From there we will begin to descend a narrow road leading to the port and only that winds down the mountain. When we got to the port we must continue between homes and restaurants until we get to a parking lot at the end. It is the only place where we can park and once inside the village we can not turn it so narrow street, so there is no loss, must continue to the parking.

The restaurants are not cheap but the quality is guaranteed and the location on the very edge of the pier is unbeatable. A walk to the lighthouse allow us to enjoy the enviable tranquility of this place, wedged between the mountains and the Aegean Sea. Usually you can see the nearby island of Lesbos and also some of the many islands in the bay of Ayvalik.

If we look for a place to spend one night on the shore of the Aegean only listening to the waves from our room, Assos harbor has to be on our list.

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