Open Air Museum of Goreme. Cappadocia.



Outside Goreme find one of the most characteristic places in Cappadocia. Besides being able to admire the unusual landscape of the region itself rocks, see carved into the stone buildings and a number of churches in the tenth and eleventh centuries decorated with frescoes that have survived over a thousand years. If we add to this that is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and we can come in fifteen minutes walk from the center of Goreme, understand because it is one of the essential if we are to visit Cappadocia.


Monastery of Nuns and the background landscape of Cappadocia.

The official name of this place is Goreme National Park and was included in the list of UNESCO 1984. The museum is an area where nine churches and chapels concentrate plus some old houses, all carved into the rock. The first settlements of this type in Cappadocia in the fourth century began the construction of the museum but are later and frescoes found here are a great representation of the post-iconoclastic Byzantine art.

Admission to the museum can walk around the area and enter the churches. Some monasteries were in reality so we also find rooms where the monks lived and met. To enter the Dark Church must pay an additional fee but it is a highly recommended visit. Finally, we can not forget to enter the church Tokali located about fifty meters before the entrance to the museum, although there is no charge to visit another entry.

Inter, find in the museum:


Church of St. Catherine

  • Churches of San Basilio (I y II)
  • Church of Apple
  • Church of Santa Barbara
  • Church of the Serpent
  • Monastery of the Nuns
  • Dark Church
  • Church of St. Catherine
  • Church Tokali
  • Sandals Church

All of them will surprise us inside, vaults, columns and entrances to other rooms also carved into the rock. The frescoes are very colorful and with many details, although in some cases the condition is not good. Along the route there are viewpoints that allow you to enjoy the landscape of Cappadocia.


We can take a camel ride for him valley of Goreme

The museum is open all year and the peculiar climate of the region give us a completely different show if we're in winter or in summer. In summer better plan our visit early or late to avoid the temperatures of the central hours of the day. As elsewhere, is advisable to wear head garment and use sunscreen creams. Conversely, winter, we can find a similar landscape to a gigantic nativity, with snow covering the rocks and offering a landscape will not forget

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