The Love Valley. Cappadocia

Valley of LoveCappadocia has many and varied attractions. From ballooning to visit the rock-hewn churches thousand years, this region offers many possibilities. But of course, its unique landscape is the differentiating element of this part of the interior of Anatolia. The curious rock formations that have become famous Cappadocia form a unique environment and one of the most popular places where we can enjoy them is the Valley of Love. Of course, seeing the shape of the rocks of this area, there is little doubt of the origin of the name but some guides are alternative stories that I personally do not convince. Whatever the reason for the name of the valley, its proximity to Göreme makes it a great option to enjoy a tour of the most famous trekking between volcanic rocks in the world.

Rock formation Valley of LoveThe origin of the landscape of Cappadocia is on three successive volcanic eruptions that covered the area of ​​layered rocks of different hardness. The upper layer is more resistant to erosion, the following two are softer. The effect of wind and water did the rest. At points where the water managed to penetrate the upper hard layer, was exposed the soft rock beneath and erosion deepened rapidly. Conversely, where hard rock was preserved, served to protect the layers below him and a kind of column or chimney was formed. Note that the rocks of the lower layers are really soft and in many places can make marks on the rock just finger.

When you see the shape of the rocks immediately thinks he knows the reason for the name of the valley. But in reality, I say so called because the place is full of singing birds and the valley becomes a very appropriate place for romantic love. The truth is that the story is pretty, but when they get to see pictures of the valley one can not help thinking if true, or conversely, the first impression is good…

Rincon Valley LoveThe valley near Goreme and can hire a tour to tour on foot. Prices will range depending on the length we choose. There are also agencies that offer the same city do the tour on quad or bike. Another option is to choose a tour on horseback, not forget that means Cappadocia “the land of beautiful horses”. Usually the hotels also offer these tours and the prices are usually not bad. As always, is useful to compare. We can ask the price at the hotel and then do it in the agencies that are in the main street in Goreme. Normally, a much better price is achieved by hiring him to get there in advance.

Trekking en el vallle del amorThe tour is short, the valley is just over a mile can be covered in half an hour. Throughout the valley there is a stream that is usually dry and marking the path that we walk. The tour usually includes the climb to some high spot and depending on the tour chosen, you can continue to Avanos or outdoor museum of Goreme. All of this prolongs the duration of the course and the price varies. If we do this activity must not forget to include in our luggage the right shoes, head garment if it is summer and sun cream.

To go to the valley of love we need to go to Avanos and then take a left turn, before entering the valley you can go up on our right and come to a nice viewpoint from which you can see a good part of the valley from above. Clearly, a view to remember.

General view of the Valley of LoveFinally, remember that temperatures are extreme in Cappadocia. Winters are dry and very cold, no wonder even snow copiously. However, during the mid summer months the temperatures are very high and also share our journey with many tourists.

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