Koyunpazar of, un Paseo for Ankara

KoyunpazariAnkara is making inroads among the many tourist destinations in Turkey. The capital city is well connected with Istanbul by the new high speed trains and is a good choice if we pass to Cappadocia. It is difficult to understand how the Turks feel their country without visiting the The mausoleum of Ataturk's Anitkabir and the capital will find the magnificent Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, premiado in 1997 as the best museum in Europe. Precisely in its vicinity and as part of our obligatory visit to the Citadel, cross the small traditional bazaar Koyunpazari, where we found very interesting antique shops.

Koyunpazar ofAnkara is the exponent of growth without restraint that has affected many Turkish cities. When Mustafa Kemal Ataturk designated as the capital of the new Republic of Turkey instead of Istanbul, small town in central Anatolia barely exceeded the 15.000 people. Today is a prime shopping destination, houses all state institutions and is an important communications. This has become the second city in the country with over 4 million inhabitants.

Standard HittiteThe appearance of modern city, affected by the ills of a messy urban planning, must not forget that Ankara civilization known for more than 3000 years ago, when the Hittites founded Ankuwash. From the distant Bronze Age is one of the symbols of the city, it is an ancient Hittite banner displayed at the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations and is reproduced in all the bazaars of the city. If we seek a reminder of Ankara, this representation of the Earth Round! with flowers and birds on it and leaning on the antlers of a deer, will be easy to find and well, come in all sizes and prices.

Koyunpazar ofKoyunpazari no big bazaar but a group of streets leading to the Citadel and the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, where the movement of people has led to the emergence many shops. Old houses formed a very degraded area architecturally but the new activity that brings tourism is returning their old colors to many Ottoman houses that neighborhood. As international visitors are still a minority, different items in the stores are sold to other bazaars that are very focused on foreign customers. We enjoyed the reproductions of museum pieces, los killim, metal crafts, especially carpets and antiques.

Koyunpazar-12Ankara is the birthplace of angora rabbit, Known for its long silky hair, and angora cat, with different colored eyes. Besides these two species, Ankara is also originally from Angora goat that produces mohair, and appreciated fine wool that pretty scarves and stoles are woven. The mohair is wrinkle resistant and mixed with wool to provide strength and shine to tissue. In Koyunpazari we find mohair garments and practice our skills in bargaining.


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