Ali Pasha Bazaar of Edirne

Bazar Ali PashaHersekzade Ahmed Pasha was the Grand Vizier of Suleiman the Magnificent and wanted to give a new building to Edirne, favorite city of the Imperial Family. He commissioned Mimar Sinan teacher, the greatest of Ottoman architects, building a new bazaar for which accommodated all jewelery shops of the old Ottoman capital. This mall runs parallel to the busy street Saraçlar, in the center of the city and takes us through 130 shops where we can buy other prices and lower pressure than in the bazaars of Istanbul. Not to forget the two most typical souvenirs of Edirne, without which no steam returns home after visiting the city of Thrace: shaped soaps fruit and small broom with a small mirror that are known to bring good luck.

Calle SaraçlarMany are unaware that once Herzegovina was a vassal of the King of Aragon territory, and the Duke Stjepan Vukčić pleaded to address the Bosnian and Turkish threat 1444. One of his sons was taken hostage by the Ottomans and the child, named Stjepan Hercegović, was converted to Islam and entered the service of Sultan Ahmed as Hersekzade. Over time, became the most powerful Grand Vizier of the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent. Up to five times he served, a kind of prime minister guarding the seal of the Sultan and he was the initiator of a saga of Bosnian origin aristocrats at the court of the Sublime Porte.

Ali Pacha EdirneThe building measured commissioned Hersekzade Ahmed Pasha 270 meters and is lit by windows on the sides and top gallery. It is made of brick and after the restoration of the years 90 Inside we can admire red-toned and white. As Saraçlar Caddesi is slightly uphill, the arcade has some flights of stairs to follow the street level. It is no longer a market for jewelry as it makes 450 years but there are still many. In his stead, found everything we expect in a Turkish bazaar, crafts from the ropa, ceramics through, memories and of course jewelery and costume jewelery. Traders are more accustomed to the Turkish tourist abroad so they are not as aggressive when it comes to offering their products. For the same reason, prices are better than in Istanbul although no deliver us the usual bargaining sessions.

Fruit shaped soapsRegarding the typical souvenirs of the city, include soaps shaped fruits. Although found in many places in Turkey, Edirne is the place where they originated. Of course, as prices find different qualities, from the simplest to set forcing some to realize that this is a soap, not a piece of fruit. In any case, are a colorful and curious objects that remind us of our visit to the city. The other typical object of Edirne are small brooms with a mirror that are the traditional gift receiving brides in Thrace. The broom represents purity and mirror, beautiful.

Leather-bound notebooks.The visit to Ali Pasha Carsisi is inevitable in the city as it is very close to the fabulous Selimiye and almost opposite the Mosque of the Three Balconies Torre and Macedonia. In addition, Saraçlar Street is the heart of the pedestrian city center and is a must ride in which we will run into the busy life of the city. The restaurants and shops happen while vendors offer all sorts of products and food. Amidst all, Bazaar is almost a peaceful place. Is your neighborhood to find the known liver Edirne, the most famous dish of the city and is served in almost all restaurants. The Turks say that those who do not like liver, have to go to Edirne because the finest breaded fillets are delicious for everyone.

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