Turkish religious holidays “Seker Bayram”


In Turkish the word "Bayram" means Party. Both national and religious holidays are designated by this word.

National parties are governed by the Gregorian calendar, while religious follow the lunar calendar (Muslim) and each year are announced and accommodated in the Gregorian calendar by the government. It is for this reason that the dates of these festivals vary each year with a range of approximately 11 days.

The first of these is the religious festivities Şeker Bayrami "Bayram of Sweets". During this festival the atmosphere and bustle in the streets is extraordinary.

This festival comes every year after the month of Ramazan. For Muslims it is 1 of the big two Bayrames. This year will be the 7 to the 10 August. Next year will be the 27 to the 30 July. For the Turks it is a holiday season of celebration.

Are 3 Holidays starting the last day of ramazan, exactly sunset. It is on this day when everyone begins to prepare for the arrival of the party, is a period of preparation "arife". Ends nearly all shops and businesses after eating, because they begin to prepare for the arrival of a new day.

In Turkey it is a national holiday.

Offices, schools and government buildings closed the last day of Bayram and 3 following vacation.

Museums and archaeological sites, closed the first day of the holidays, usually open but the other two.

Transport: if you want to travel these days think you have to be very busy. So you will have to book tickets in advance. If traveling by road are days of great circulation. Roads have to be very cautious, because everyone comes out and they are not all good drivers.

It's kind of like a reward after a great fast.

It is a time to send greetings, eat lots of sweets (here comes the name), join the family, give money to the needy and of course pray.

People go out to buy candy like crazy, chocolates and prepare or buy special sweets like baklava, fundamental in the Turkish diet. The baklava is a delicious dessert made with a very thin pastry layers provisions, with some butter, a syrup of honey and pistachio generally. Activity in the streets and shops in the run is frantic.


The first day of Bayram, family gets up early, Bathing, put on their best dresses apparel brand, who have previously bought and take a light breakfast. After that sometimes men and women go to the mosque where a special ceremony held.

Prayer in the Mosque

After this ceremony go home and take a heavy meal. At the end of eating begin a ritual of visiting relatives, close friends, teachers, Heads,The first visit ... the man is older than the husband's family, which is something like the clan chief. Then also visit the oldest male of the family of the woman. And so on to parents, uncles, brethren,In all these visits ... they take gifts such as candy and sometimes money.

Young people visit the elderly families a sign of respect and honor. Kiss the right hand of the old man and the pass front in a gesture of respect. The truth is that it is worth seeing the respect and admiration of the young to the elderly.

There is a tradition that forces charity, you have to give money to the poor and needy. What many people do is that family visits, family members with good economic position, give money to family members who have less.

The consumption of sweets at this event is exaggerated, eat around the clock.

In Turkey the traditions are still deeply rooted. Although they are losing in some big cities. But the truth is that there are a number of provisions that are substantially met mostly:

-People have to be neat and clean. Confectionery

-Kids are buying clothes for the premiere these days.

-Getting up early.

-Family Reunions, good friends, neighbors.

-People should be happy and contented.

-The visits were presented with sweets.

-Young kissing on hand for the elderly.

-The kuran is read to the elderly.

-It reads.

-Candy to children given away.

-To greet everyone wishing them a happy Bayram "Bayraminiz kutlu olsun"

A tradition that is widespread is that kids go around your neighborhood and go door to door wishing a happy Bayram. Receive candy as a reward, chocolates or even a small amount of money.

In these days of holiday atmosphere and mood of the people, the bustle and crowds in sharp contrast to the last days of Ramazan.


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