For us, it has become almost a tradition, after each visit to Ephesus, which by the way have been many, we rumbo a Sirince. A small village located in a beautiful valley filled with olive and fruit trees. Very different from other peoples local architecture, and was formerly a Greek village. Walking through the narrow streets, eat at one of the original restaurants, wine tasting in the area or just browse the craft stalls throughout the town there is a pleasure.

The city of Ephesus was founded when Şirince was abandoned in the fifteenth century. At this time the city had a Greek name "Kirkince", people from around confused and pronounced as "Cirkince", which means frightening. After the 1st World War, the name was changed, for obvious reasons, a “Şirince”, whose meaning is beautiful.

The village is known for its distinctive Ottoman-style architecture, most of the nineteenth century.



Street people

Village Street

The village was originally a Greek settlement, but after the war and political reasons drove the Greeks and was resettled with Turks living in Thessaloniki. Upon arrival to the town, you realize how different it is from other surrounding villages.

Located in a fertile valley full of fruit and olive trees, Şirince is one of the favorite tourist destinations.

Pavers, unpaved streets, endless slopes, completely restored and some other houses neglected, Goats, hens, Dogs and locals who placed a chair in the doorway of his home and simply engage in people watching. All this makes the small village a place to get lost for a few hours or a few days is a pleasure.

One of the streets in town

One of the streets of the town

Walking through the narrow and steep streets, browsing all handmade items sold by street, sit in one of the beautiful gardens refreshments, even enter the house of one of the artisans, taste some vino, buy crowns of daisies, walk on cobblestones with tourists, the locals, tractors and some other animals make the village one of the favorite people of Izmir and surrounding places to spend the day.

The place is a big bazaar, small shops and makeshift stalls on every corner. Many organic products are sold: Vinegar, honey, soaps,"Hundreds ekŞisi" (a delicious vinegar Granada), "Molasses" (a sweet paste made of fruit concentrate). Also spices, Hats, tablecloths, kilims, fruit wines, etc..

Organic Products. Jams, oils and honey

Organic Products. Jams, oils and honey

Since spices and natural preparations

Since spices and natural preparations

Using local fruit, the villagers are engaged in the production of wine. There are all kinds of flavors, apple, banana, blackberry, melon, Granada, apricot, cherry, etc.. In the village there are many stores that sell and offer wine tasting, in which one can have a good time.

Another attraction is the food of the people, course, Turkish. Vegetables and fruits are delicious, like traditional cuisine offered in most restaurants. Many of them are also great grilled meat, of course no pork. One is the "Artemis Restaurant", right on the edge of town, Built in what was once a school and with extensive gardens and a wonderful view of the valley and the village. Here one can visit the curious little museum that has, wine tasting and sample some great food at a very reasonable price.

One thing that stands out is that with its small size has two churches and one mosque.

Check one of the churches in town

Check one of the churches in town

From May to October, especially weekends, usually get busy between 11:30 and 18:00 afternoon, but outside of these hours you can get a real taste of a small Turkish village.

Something highly recommended, sit a drink on one of the terraces or gardens of the bars in town, while playing the call to prayer from the minaret unique place.

The town is full of small luxury hotels in which one stays. It may be a great option as a starting point for many other excursions (Ephesus, House of Virgin Mary, Railway Museum,…). Some of them are wonderful places to disappear for a few days, como by ejemplo from "Güllü konaklari". Although you do not stay there you can pop in for a tea or coffee in the lovely garden or even eat in the restaurant which has. The hotel is not cheap, but it is a very special place to get lost for days.

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    Sirince is one of our favorite places to relax. But I recommend you to , every time I go (in learn) I stick a pineapple such as climbing steep stone streets…lol, así que mi recomendación es ir con zapatos que agarren bien al suelo 🙂 Es sin duda un lugar mágico y muy especial.

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