Protests in Turkey

Near Kemeralti Izmir and Agora.

After thirteen days of protests in Turkey, if anyone can think it is logical to continue our blog our experiences in the reporting country. For those who are here I have to explain that every day in the streets has not undergone any significant alteration. Now I see buses running through the streets, children way schools and hawkers, omnipresent in Turkish streets, delivered to their daily work. There will come the evening with its manifestations in the usual places and also cacerolada night, but the life of the Turks struggle to move on.

Frente a la Gurel Residence.

Frente a la Gurel Residence.

For us it is very painful to see the suffering and anguish of these days. We've spent years listening to the grievances that the Turks kind you have when you cross the threshold of his friendship. That threshold they make it so easy to cross. But always wish that these problems find their solution channel. This is a tolerant society that has learned to live and, if they are left alone, They find ways to do it.

Our blog is a personal need to share knowledge, perhaps an expression of a passion that was presented unexpectedly, but it is also a contribution to a people who have treated us better than good. Thus, We will continue with what we were doing, We continue spreading what we have seen here and pretend, that way, add our little grain of sand so that people can continue to live in peace. We will do anything to see what is happening but with the hope that respect for those who think differently pave the way for the solution.

We accompany this post with some pictures of the aftermath of the riots in Izmir on 1 of June.

Finally, publish this image of the opening of the International Music Festival in Izmir Roman theater in Ephesus that expresses our desire that culture and respect back to life in Turkey.

Inauguration of the International Izmir Festival in the Roman theater at Ephesus


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  1. I'm thinking enjoy my summer vacation in Turkey and I'm not afraid what's going on, I just want to be cleared along the same lines indicating José Alemán. I really like your blog, It is a reference to hop holidays and choose destinations based on your recommendations, leaving aside the pesky infumables circuits.

    • Thank you very much for your comments. Hopefully the solution to all come through the channels of dialogue. We love to hear that our blog will serve to animes you know this country beyond the more commercial places and we have been fortunate to visit.

  2. Do not worry, life goes on every day without any problem. You just have to avoid specific places where the protests take place. We continue with our daily lives,family life and even let our kids to all sites where we can enjoy all the things we have here.

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