Playa de Iztuzu


Wonderful natural redoubt in Dalyan

Wonderful natural redoubt in Dalyan

One of the most beautiful beaches I've seen in my life, the playa de Iztuzu. A strip of land of fine white sand, that forms a natural barrier between the delta of the Dalyan River and the Mediterranean Sea. A heavenly place where you can enjoy the natural beauty of the environment, color crystal clear sea, and the Dalyan River and its peculiar mouth.

In the district of Ortaca, provincia of Muğla, southwest of Turkey and to 12 km at Dalyan, this is a wonderful beach 5 Longitude de mi. Surely one of the best beaches in the country.

Playa de Iztuzu

The most curious place, a beachside saltwater and other freshwater. Both sides with very different characteristics.

West side of the beach

West side of the beach

Today it is one of the few beaches where sea turtles "caretta caretta", lay their eggs. On this beach is also known as the turtle beach. This type of turtle is in the list of protected species, so the beach is under a special state environmental protection.

Caretta turtle sighted near the beach

Tortuga caretta

Mean nests encountered annually is over 300, so from 1988 no strict regulations imposed by the government to protect them:

-From 1 May to 31 October the beach is closed to the public between 20:00 and 8:00.

-Is prohibited to vehicles and animals.

-The nest areas are well marked and of course you have to avoid them.

-Power boats and other water vehicles are prohibited within 1 mile from the beach and the river.

The truth is that it seems that the implementation of these measures are still effective and the population of these turtles is increasing every year.

Since May 2009 there center of turtles on the beach, led by the Department of Biology, University of Pamukkale. During spawning, students and volunteers participate in the count, locate nests and protect them with a special type of cage, to avoid predation. The center is also responsible for picking up injured turtles in the area for later retrieval.

One can reach the beach by boat or by road from Dalyan. The trip boat takes about 35-40 minutes, a wonderful journey through the reeds of the river. The other option is to take a minibús, are 12 km to the beach, and leave every ½ hour from the square where the mosque is.

On the beach there are sun loungers and parasols, that can be rented for the day. There is a restaurant, where you can take all kinds of Turkish fast food.

Playa de Iztuzu

If you prefer to eat off the beach there is an option, it is to eat at a restaurant halfway between Dalyan and beach, it has a special charm. The tables are placed on a platform resting on the river. The service is great and the food also. A good choice of gözleme (crep relleno) and güveç (vegetables and meat casserole or baked fish). The number is "Gölbaşı Restaurant". Even if we have no transport, pick you up and take you back after eating.

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