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He soon realized that King Midas turned into gold everything he touched was not a gift but a curse. Then begged the god Dionysus to rid of his unhappy and request devolviese to normal everything had turned to gold. Dionisio told him to wash his hands in the source of the river Pactolus. When he did, King lost his power and river sands turned into gold. This well known legend passed in Sardis, whose ruins are among the most interesting to be visited near Izmir.

Sardes In fact, this legend seeks to explain the opulence of the city of Sardis, Lidia capital and first place in the world where gold and silver coins were minted. In the mountains surrounding the city was gold and the river Pactolus was truly gold.

After passing the Persian domain, Sardis was the capital of the Western Empire. After the conquest by Alexander the Great began a turbulent period ended when it was incorporated into the Roman Empire as part of the province of Asia, with capital in Pergamum. The city was in decline during the Byzantine empire by not being close to the main roads and fell to the Seljuk Turks in 1071 but the Byzantines recovered a century later, in 1197. finally, returned to power in Turkish 1306. The Mongol invasion of Tamerlane swept the city in 1402 and remained in ruins until today.

Sardis appears in the Book of Revelation as one of the Seven Churches, specific, the angel says his Christian community is dead, criticizing their lack of spirituality.

PactoloNowadays, the ruins of Sardis are a highly recommended visit. They are in a beautiful area surrounded by vineyards, to 85 Miles out on Highway Izmir Ankara. When we reached the village of Sart, before Salihli, there follow the signs to the right. Las ruins are divided into parts of, The ancient city fighting on the River Pactolus and the Roman city north of the road between the two areas.

The Lydian Sardis ruins are among the oldest in Turkey and we must mention the magnificent Temple of Artemis. We can also imitate the King Midas and wash our hands in the famous river of legend. In Roman one contains a superb gym presiding spacious agora. We can not miss the synagogue, proof of the important Jewish community that existed in the city.

Near the ruins, está el hotel Lyda Sardes Hotel Thermal & Spa, one of the few of its kind in this area away from the mass tourist circuits.

Seven Churches


View in Sardis Map of the 7 Churches of Revelation in a nod to Turkey.

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