Irmik helvasi “Dulce semolina”

The favorite Turkish dessert for my family, I finally had to ask for the recipe and start doing it at home. The truth is that it is very easy and very grateful.


-1,5 pots of water semolina (can be very thin or not, according prefiráis)


-2 glasses of sugar water.

-2 glasses of water milk.

-2 water glasses.

-3 tablespoons pine nuts.

-4 tablespoons butter.




In a saucepan melt the butter put, add the pine nuts and brown them a little.

Add the semolina, stir all well with a wooden spoon and let go taking a golden hue.

Mix the water, milk and sugar and add to the pan slowly. Stir well so everything is well mixed.

We maintain a simmer 5/10 minutes until a dough a little compact.

Ready to eat, it serves espolvoreando over the cinnamon sugar icing the ground pistachios. It is delicious accompanied with Helado the vanilla cream.

Irmik helvasi

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