Köprülü Kanyon “The Gorge of Köprülü”

In the Turkish Mediterranean coast, in the province of Antalya and in the Natural Park Köprülü Köprülü Canyonis the Köprülü Gorge, which is the longest in Turkey. The place is really spectacular, in a Valley covered with lush forests.The Gorge is around 14 km long and reaches the 400 metres deep in some of its sections.

A paradise for nature and sports outdoors lovers: Hiking, climbing, rafting , biking and hunting, , etc.. There is also the possibility of camping in the area.

The Natural Park is 70 km from the city of Antalya. On the way to the Side we have to take the exit to Taşağıl and Beşkonak to reach the natural park. The road offers an amazing landscape, lush forest, waterfalls and impresive views of the Taurus Mountains.

Pine trees, cypresses and Cedars are part of the ecosystem of the area. Also very variated fauna,

Although in the last years the number of animals has decreased , still it is possible to find animals like deer, Goats, Bears, Foxes, Wolves, rabbits,…

The Köprülü river is well known as an important
rafting . And also by the possibility of camping on the banks of the river.


Köprülü Kanyon, meaning Gorge or Canyon with a bridge on it. the name is because, over it is built the Oluklu Bridge “Olukköprü”, a remnant of Roman architecture.

Roman bridge over the river Köprü

There are other ancient Roman remains in the area, that you will find along your way, the “ Bugrum Bridge” over the Kocadere stream. And other really interesting places Selge not too far like the ruins of the Roman city of Selge to 12 km. A place where time seems to have stopped just after the terrible earthquake that suffered the city.

The are many possibilities , a lovely tour, a day of adventure or a few days of camping.

The river is full of wild trout, that´s why it is the main course in the local restaurants . The way of cooking is grilled and results in a extremely tasty dish, totally different from the trout that we eat at home. Its name in Turkish “Alabalık Izgara“.

typical restaurant

All kind of tours with a variety of activities are organized. Companies offer shuttle from hotels and really good prices daily tours . There is transportation from the main towns of the surrounding area: Antalya, Kaleici, Lara Beach, Kundu, Konyalti, Belek, Serik, Alanya, etc.. Although there is always the possibility of doing it on your own.

One of the activities offered is Hiking through the canyon. The requirements to do it are to be older than 10 years ago, have no serious health problems, not be pregnant and carry a suitable footwear. The route is 1 hour 1/2 about to go 2 km. The first kilometre walked and the second one rafting.

Another option is the trekking. It is one of the largest natural park in the country and apart from the natural beauty of the environment, with very curious rock formations similar to the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia, you can follow St. Paul¨s route, he was here. Most of the routes begin in Selge (siglo V b.c), in the foothills of the Taurus Mountains.

Vista desde Himself

One of the organized routes is rock garden, between the amazing rock formations and ending the tour with a swim next to the Roman bridge Bügrüm.

There are hiking trails between:Blow Roman aqueduct

-Karabük village- Olukköprü.

-Beskonak Koyu-Olukköprü.

-Olukköprü- the end of the canyon.

-Olukköprü-Altinkaya köyü Selge.

If you decide to take a tour,it is a good option, the price is really profitable. The full day including transport, rafting , equipment rental, food and drinks and the insurance you can get from 19 euros.

There is also horse riding and rock climbing possibility.

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