Istanbul with children. Thumbnails.

Istanbul is a fascinating city whose cultural wealth, the architectural landscaping never just To know. Unfortunately, when traveling with children, they do not find it as exciting and you have to find time for the little ones can also enjoy. Miniaturk is one of those places and love to the greatest. Alli ahead reproductions of over a hundred of the most famous monuments in the whole of Turkey located in a large park along the Golden Horn and playgrounds for children, Restaurant and café. No family that can resist.

ThumbnailsMiniaturk are a truly amazing place and spend a nice mouse walking through this park. The reproductions of the monuments can appreciate all the details, We can even walk on some of them, such as bridge Bosphorus. The list of monuments is very complete and is not easy to find a famous Turkey that is not represented. Between 104 reproductions are famous buildings like the Blue Mosque and the mausoleum of Ataturk but also recreations of other monuments that are now in ruins. This is the case of the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus and the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, the two wonders of the ancient world were in the Anatolian peninsula. Of course, Modern Turkey is also present and Istanbul Ataturk Airport and the Olympic Stadium are reproduced in this park.

ThumbnailsThe visit costs 10 lira, half as many of the main attractions of Istanbul and offers something truly different. The place is at the end of the Golden Horn on the north shore, the opposite to the Spice Bazaar. To go from the Galata Bridge area TB1 can take bus or taxi.

As always, for details on schedules, opening days, etc., recommend going to the official website: www.Thumbnails.with.

Certainly, not much shade in the area where the reproductions are, so you must take this into account when choosing the hours of your visit.

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