Apollo temple

In the small town of Side, Facing the Mediterranean Sea and the wreckage of the temple of Apollo a few meters from the shore, no doubt you will enjoy one of the most spectacular sunsets that you can watch in Turkey.

Side was colonized by the Aeolians in the seventh century BC. Its natural geography made it one of the most important places in Pamphylia and became one of the biggest trading centers in the region. With the passage of time, the influence of the indigenous language made its inhabitants forget their native language Greek and started using the language of Side, which found multiple registrations, the second and third centuries B.C., in excavations conducted.

Teatro Side

The name of the city of Side originally meant "Granada". The town is surrounded by walls still largely preserved. Enter through what was the Hellenistic main gate of the city "Megale Pyle”, realizing the splendor that must have this. The walk is very pleasant Side. In it we find the ruins interspersed with houses, shops, beach and sea. Easily distinguish a theater, del siglo II A.D., designed to accommodate more than 15.000 spectators, an agora, library, a Byzantine basilica, a monumental fountain, and port, the ruins of the temples of Apollo and Athena. Definitely worth visiting the museum, offering a wonderful collection of statues and sarcophagi in a few exceptionally preserved ancient Roman baths.

monumental fountain Side Gateway to Side detail

The main streets are lined with shops, where you can find: replica luxury brand items, traditional crafts, the famous stained glass lamps, and nuts and spices, provided a stimulus to the sight and smell. Something typical of the area is a kind of aphrodisiac and natural viagra in tea, fact that Granada and sold everywhere.

Mixed dried fruitSpices

Side can be a strategic point from which you can make day trips (Aspendos, Antalya, Alanya, Zelge,…). The village is in a truly spectacular region. Large mountains stretch waterfront, generally quiet and a special blue. The leisure activities in contact with nature is varied, trekking, rafting , canyoning, beaches, cataracts, Caves, history and course, the great Turkish food.

In July and August makes very hot, so if you decide to visit at that time keep that in mind.

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Apollo temple


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